Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nosey Neighbour

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Come here, oh my darling, please come walk this way,
I heard your poor mother sat crying today -
These walls, being ever so thin, that I fear,
They make it too easy for someone to hear.

She whispered so softly in her solitude -
Oh please do not think, dear, that I’m being rude,
Speaking of how she had burnt all his cakes,
And also of other such foolish mistakes.

Of how all the jars were not set in a row,
Was so sad to hear her my dear, don’t you know,
With things that your father just can’t understand -
He’d slapped her so hard with the back of his hand.

And oh how she whimpered, sat there all alone,
I think she was speaking at length on the phone -
Talking to someone I guessed was a mate,
Saying how love could turn quickly to hate.

Your father, he has a short temper, it seems,
And last night I swear that I heard dreadful screams -
Was while you were out at the movies, I think,
He’d been to the pub and had too much to drink.

He drinks lots of beer, and malt whisky as well,
She said how her life is like being in hell.
Come closer and listen to all that I heard,
I promise I’ll try to recall every word.

She said she intended to purchase a knife,
The type that is suited for ending a life -
I’m not sure whose life she was plotting to end
She spoke oh so soft on the phone to her friend.

This morning I saw her with tears in her eyes -
She hailed for a taxi – I heard her loud cries,
And when she returned, she quickly looked round,
Going inside without making a sound.

Your dad, he came home at his usual time,
Not knowing your mother would do such a crime –
The noises I heard, how they filled me with fear,
I really did hear them, I promise my dear.

Oh come here, my darling, please don’t go inside
I heard you poor mother - and oh how she cried …….
Valerie Dohren
Ken E Hall 17 April 2015
powerful reality in a poem cleverly wrote as the neighbour guides her ploy of nosiness...loved the poem but dismayed I have such a woman living next door! . you have the skill to present this poem thru the eyes of the offender...regards
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Dave Walker 05 March 2014
I can really relate to this, my poem, Boy To A Man is about my father, he had a short temper once he had drink inside him, but we all grow up, and we bring hate with us when we have to see things like this through our childhood, with all his drinking and beating my mother the one thing he did not see was me training to be a boxer, and the punch coming that knocked the short temper out of him. this was many many years ago now but sometimes it feels like yesterday. A really fantastic poem about what most try not to talk about.
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Lyn Paul 03 March 2014
A captivating story that gave me so many questions if reality. A great write. Thank You
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Diane Hine 02 March 2014
I enjoy a poem which tells a story - neatly accomplished.
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Dinesan Madathil 28 February 2014
Let us have tolerance and let us reconcile to things hard around us. Music is fine to hear. But who can sing on for ever? Such neighbours are all around us. Valerie you have given vent to your feelings obviously and that`s all.
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Juan Olivarez 28 February 2014
Oh my. Powerful piece. Still trying to digest it.
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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 27 February 2014
Reality of the situation is nicely shown. In a seemingly quiet neighborhood such stories are hidden.
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Mary Forrester 27 February 2014
Yes indeed, it's the women and children who suffer in these unfortunate situations, on the positive side there is help out there for those people. Well written with a whimsical slant.
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Valsa George 27 February 2014
At times we have to bear witness to such unholy scenes... Harsh sounds penetrate through walls and escape! It is not being nosey that we happen to hear them! Unfortunately in many houses, poor women are made victims to the tantrums of a drunken husband! A sordid side of life poignantly depicted! !
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