Lost Poem by Valerie Dohren


Rating: 5.0

Night falls, and only dreams remain
Dim dreams of all that might have passed -
Set deep in shadows, thus my soul
Beneath the dying sun is cast

For darkness steals tomorrow's light
And folly be a trusting heart -
‘Tis those with feathered wings that soar
To vistas which new hope impart

So lost, as in a limbo'd place,
I yearn that I shall find a home -
With no more endless paths to tread
And no more empty fields to roam

But on through des'late years I fare
‘Cross barren lands beset with woe -
E'er searching for a place to be
E'er searching for a place to go

Ah, then to seek my heart's desire
To cherish ever as my own -
The one to set my soul aflame
That I may be no more alone

(O should I ever, shall I dare,
With open arms to full embrace
Yet seek the thing I deem to love
Then gaze upon that one sweet face)

But faint my will to dare to do
All courage does my heart deny
Forever weak, condemned by fear,
And therefore shall my soul yet die

Soft petals from the rose thus fall
For I am but a wilted flower
Encaptured in a hapless world
And seeded in a shaded bower


Intimate thoughts and frank proposals or admissions of the kind have a unique reviving power that can`t allow things fall apart and so is the case with these petals that can`t fade ever. This a fine Valerie write with an inward eye seeing much for all of us.. It is your January gift for us.. May the winter around there in the UK never dampen your spirits...

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 08 January 2013

a desperate soul already assumed the darkness that steals tomorrow's light, and then it comes to its sense that there is a hope. a beautiful poem..

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Red O'mara 08 January 2013

Don't they say 'Never too late', Val? Would have to be true for anyone who writes as beautifully as this.

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Maria C. Pires Costa 09 January 2013

Lovely, heartfelt poem wherein some poignant lines are clearly perceptible. The structure is truly balanced. May you find your heart's desire in a haven of love, joy and peace. Beautiful and touching! Best wishes, Maria

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Diane Hine 10 January 2013

It's always easier to give advice to others than to ourselves. I think this poem will be understood by many. Memorable last line.

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Jitesh Shah 05 April 2015

i like this poem and also read my poems

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Patricia Grantham 27 February 2013

Valerie, A really heart rendering poem. I am most appreciative of your famous works. Your poem is titled Lost and I have found it! (smile) . A wonderful write.

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Chandra Thiagarajan 29 January 2013

Your poem has a poignant charm which is touching.The write has a musical flow with nice rhyme.THANKS.

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Arron Fowler 21 January 2013

Valerie i have been on poem hunter for three weeks now and in all honesty this is the best poem i have read in the three weeks keep me informed if you have any new poems please.

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Terry M 20 January 2013

Well done Valerie, we have all felt Lost at least once in our life. Keep up the good work and I will be reading your work.

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