October Poem by Mary Weston Fordham


Rating: 4.8

Bright and beautiful art thou,
Autumn flowers crown thy brow,
Golden-rod and Aster blue,
Russet leaf with crimson hue.
Half stripped branches waving by,
Softly as a lullaby,
Tell of summer's days gone by,
Tell that winter's very nigh.

In the forest cool and chill,
Sadly moans the Whippoorwill,
Not as in the summer days,
When he gloried in his lays,
Lower-toned, but sweet and clear,
Like thy crisp and fragrant air,
Warbling forth with voice sublime,
This is nature's harvest time.

Crickets chirp amid the leaves,
Squirrels hop among the trees,
Brown nuts falling thick and fast,
On the dewy, dying grass,
Glowing sun with softer rays,
Harbinger of wintry days,
Tell the year is going by,
Sighing forth its lullaby.

David Wood 09 October 2015

Very beautiful October poem.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 09 October 2015

Wonderful narration of nature changing with advent of autumn. Thanks for sharing.

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Edward Kofi Louis 09 October 2015

Autumn flowers! With the muse of nature. Thanks for sharing.

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Rahman Henry 09 October 2015

It's a beauty. It's Lovely. Joyful Poem on Autumn. Like it.

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Susan Williams 09 October 2015

I loved the smoothness of the rhythms and rhymes, it was indeed as soothing as a lullaby

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W Gray 09 October 2015

Beautiful poem, it is indeed October.

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Bharati Nayak 09 October 2015

How nature tells so many things - -the beautiful October through its colorful flowers, russet leaf, half stripped branches, whippoorwill, nuts falling on dying grass, glowing sun with softer rays- that Summer is gone, winter is coming and the year ir nearing end.It is a sigh when something ends and will never come back.- -beautiful portrayal.

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Seema Jayaraman 09 October 2015

Synchronicity at work for me.. suddenly I am seeing all the autumn colors (not that we have such a marked change in colors as seen in nature in the west) all the same, suddenly I see all the lush green turning to a dry green and an explosion of flowers, the colors in contrast to the dry green.. thanks for sharing.

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Photon Roy 09 October 2015

Bright and beautiful art thou, Autumn flowers crown thy brow, LOVELY OCTOBER POEM.

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