Ode To A Thief Poem by Loyd C Taylor Sr

Ode To A Thief

Rating: 3.3

He is just a common thief,
And now he must pay;
His wicked deeds bring him,
Condemned to die today.

He had cheated and looted,
Wronged many men;
His wretched life stops today,
A cross shall pay his sin.

Guilty of his transgression,
Deserving of this bed;
Though he feared not the dying,
But the damnation ahead.

For surely Hell would be his fate,
Fires' torment soon would start;
Punished for his wickedness,
And such a blackened heart!

But this ONE dying near him,
Was oh so different than he;
His eyes revealed compassion,
He spoke mercifully.

The thief cried out from his cross;
'Man just what crime did you do? '
Then Jesus whispered weakly;
'Today friend, I die for you! '

'But, how will You die for me,
Just who are you anyway? '
'I AM the Lamb of God,
Your sin debt I came to pay.'

'How may I receive pardon? '
The thief begged repentantly.
'Forgiveness is truly yours
If you simply will believe.'

'It's true, you are the Savior,
Given thus to die for me...
Oh LORD I need your mercy,
LAMB of GOD… remember me! '

Then Jesus spoke to the thief,
'Mercy has covered your price,
And I now say unto thee…
I'll meet you in PARADISE! '

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: christ,cross,faith
This is written from the repentant thief's conversation with Jesus as they died on that crucifixion day. I hope you enjoy it.
Terry Craddock 08 March 2015

Nice to see the appreciative comments. I also wrote a few poems on the crucifixion including 'Eyes That Look Up', 'God Painted Memory Crucifixion' and 'Three Crosses Framed Against The Sky' back in 2010, but no comments received so more power to your pen Loyd.

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* Sunprincess * 07 March 2015

........nicely written....and congratulations :)

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Patricia Grantham 07 March 2015

Very beautiful and well done. A detailed poem on the crucifixion of Jesus. Appreciate it.

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Lyn Paul 07 March 2015

Presented beautifully. Thank You Loyd

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Darlene Walsh 09 May 2014

Very touching poem, and the dramatic reading was excellent :)

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