Often, In My Dreams. Poem by Prakash Mehra

Often, In My Dreams.

Rating: 4.7

When the beats are low and visions are light,
Often, in my dreams, I see an unseen sight.
Through nervous passage to uneasy chore,
My anxious sensation does open the door.
It’s vast and beautiful; the pure and divine,
I blink my eyes, and wonder, if it’s mine.
If crawl or run; me, the clueless, a new born,
Perhaps, too insane to anticipate due morn.
The wind, the guide, and few lessons to fly,
Though fledge less flight; I measure the sky.
Chasing your foot marks, scattered over sea;
You; the noble, the glorified or that’s only me!
Sudden twist and turn; it’s fortune-wheel,
A loud, reechoing call back; rising in peal.
Let me be stay here; I beg, I cry and request,
But destiny arrives, along with never easy test.
Either endless peace or desires extreme,
An inauspicious pick, the end of my dream.

Ben Gieske 04 November 2009

Truly a dream nicely expressed by you covering the whole world and possibilities without end. Keep on dreaming. They may turn into the real thing. A lot of poets draw material from their dreams.

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Zubaida Boland 04 November 2009

great rhymes combine together to form such a wonderful peice... wow 10\10... keep up the good work...

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Joseph Poewhit 04 November 2009

Words move along nicely

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Alex Segree 04 November 2009

Beautiful flows well I like your style!

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Ezna Stephna 08 November 2009

An inauspicious pick, the end of my dream.............. dreams never end till you know...its the feelings of desire that shows you so...... very emotional poem with your real feelings express...... excellent. thanks for sharing 10++

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Eyan Desir 17 January 2011

Very nice poem good work

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Jansen Felton 29 November 2010

This poem is so deep and perceptive...Great job!

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Suja Nair 28 November 2010

Nice poem, yes dreams are great without any boundries, I like it

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kunjubi Varghese 26 November 2010

The magnificent obsession of a vivid and alluring dream that lurks in the sub-conscious given birth through this beautiful poem. Very good writing. { Comments are reciprocal}

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Nimal Dunuhinga 09 December 2009

Well done Prakah and if no dreams in life what else we take?

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