Oh Heart Of Mine..... Poem by Valerie Dohren

Oh Heart Of Mine.....

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Oh heart of mine don`t tarry long
Amongst the woeful earthly throng
Oh let me bide in worlds above
To feel that great celestial love

Oh heart of mine don`t linger here
To dwell in sadness, pain and fear
Relinquish yet the dark unknown
Think not to ever be alone

Oh heart of mine beat silently
That none may know, nor hear, nor see
How moves the sorrow hidden deep
To take my soul, to take my sleep

Oh heart of mine be still today
Let not your dreams be blown away
Do not be broken and forlorn
Tomorrow brings another dawn

Upon the wings of hope to fly
Above the clouds, beyond the sky,
To touch a land of peace divine
My spirit with the stars align

Hans Vr 11 June 2012

Beautiful and inspiring poem. Very well written. I love the wisdom expressed here in wonderful verses Also very good rhyming

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Godfrey Morris 11 June 2012

Wonderful words of poetry.

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Danny Draper 12 June 2012

A very nice poem, with beauty in its verse and a journey of hope for the spirit.

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Vincent Kuo 14 June 2012

Wow, thank you for this lovely poem! I was caught by your 4th stanza: Oh heart of mine, be still today... what a subtle and elegant way to describe - this is literary genius! I think you speak for all of us, the hope and faith for what lies beyond. Truly a powerful poem!

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Marieta Maglas 14 June 2012

a beautiful poem with good rhythm and rhymes.....

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Dr Antony Theodore 25 August 2015

Oh heart of mine be still today Let not your dreams be blown away Do not be broken and forlorn Tomorrow brings another dawn. A Ray of hope your are giving to all your readers. loved these lines.. thank you very much dear Poetess.

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Terry M 24 July 2015

You do have a way with words for sure, you catch the eye and the mind and then the heart of anyone who has ever loved another. Thank you for that.

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Juan Olivarez 03 July 2012

I had to read it one more time Val. This time with the words of your message ringing in my ears, and it brought home the truth of this beautiful poem. The thing we wish for our loved ones more than any other thing is heaven. I understand. God bless.

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Karen Sinclair 22 June 2012

Harmonious in words yet so sad...to me..with a lifting tie....thanks valerie for sharing

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Neela Nath Das 22 June 2012

While reading this poem it seemed that there should be no closing lines...Superb feeling.Ah!

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