One Magical Sunset Poem by Jim Yerman

One Magical Sunset

Rating: 5.0

"We have a surprise for you! " They told their grandchildren who were staying with them for a few nights. "We guarantee you'll be amazed…it is a truly wondrous sight."

Moments such as these one has to experience…it's not something you can't teach…
so they loaded them into the car and headed to the beach.

After playing in the sand a while the grandchildren approached their grandparents…there was something they wanted to discuss.
"We were just wondering." The eldest one said. "Where is this surprise you promised us? "

"We're glad you asked." Their grandparents smiled. "We hope it's something you'l never forget. SURPRISE! " They said pointing out to sea…"We give you a sunset! "

There was a modicum of protest from their one granddaughter and each of the three grandsons until they turned themselves around and looked out at the sun.

They stood on the beach like statues…between them not a word was said…
as the blue sky they were watching was slowly painted orange and red.

Their grandparents watched them jump up and down….they saw their smiles…they heard their sighs as the clouds kept changing colors right before their eyes.

"Look! " One grandchild pointed…and they all stood as quiet as grandchildren can be…
"Look! " He repeated "The sun! It's sinking into the sea! "

The grandchildren ran to their grandparents side.:
"Why if the sun is already set." They asked, "why is it not night.
Why when there is no sun…is the sky above still bright? "

They could have given the scientific explanation…of why the sky's still bright…
about how the sun is still shining and about the bending waves of light…

But they thought, at least while they're young, their world should be more fun…
So instead they told them, "It all has to do with the magic of the sun."

That night the grandparents were smiling as they watched their four grandchildren dream…and they thought to themselves…this grand parenting is not as difficult as it seems.

Today we showed them the magic of the sun…a moment that shall forever be ours…
Tomorrow they decided as they turned out the light…
we'll show them the magic of the stars.

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