Opera In The Danda Nata -Hinjili Sana Party Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul

Opera In The Danda Nata -Hinjili Sana Party

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A time's traveler poet travels and sees
Deep immense beauty in any sequence,
The Danda Nata of this year is explained
In short in my previous poem titled,
"Repertory Of The Danda Nata."
Now I am just writing about its beauty
In many streets of Brahmapur City,
Taking the snap from the spot
Audience observes the open theater in deep,
A poet's heart beats with culture and love,
After modernization of the Danda Nata
For midnightperformance after
The epic dance of Chadheyaa and Chadheyaani
And the fire-resin-drum play of old tradition,
The sweet tune is given on stage with dancing lamps
Many musical instruments are played together
And a devotional song for God is played,
At the end of the song anchor comes to main stage
With his humorous and fun giving dialogues
He motivates audience increasing their zeal
And the melody program stars with song and dance,
At least for one hour this goes on,
Then a cracker sounds and light dances
And the real book of theater starts
When the characters suddenly appear in stage,
People start clapping in cheerful mood.

Wow! Today this lane of Kamapalli is decorated,
This is known as R.C. Das Lane after a doctor's name,
This street connects Kamapalli and Lanjipalli townships
And in middle a level crossing is there,
Just near this the Danda Nata is going on
Performance is done by Hinjili Sana Party,
At mid-day time rituals of the Danda Nata are done,
Midnight rituals are also finished and Nata is started,
Audience is cheerful with huge crowding,
The Nata started on morning of 9th April 2019
It is sequenced with midday performance
And after the only midnight meal at midnight
Another chapter is started with opera with a book,
This nice party has attracted attention,
The day of 10th April 2019 has arrived
And early morning has whispered,
But the big crowd is increasing still,
Sun has risen but the drama book is still running,
Observing the attentiveness of audience and crowd
Nata Party and organizer have not stopped the drama in half,
Although sun has risen and sprinkled golden rays,
Opera is still attracting more and more people.

Today's book carries a family and love story,
This Odia drama is titled, "Adhe Tora Adhe Mora, "
It means, "Half is of Yours and Half is of Mine."
This is written by Mr. Arun Barik, the drama writer
And directed by Mr. Suresh Nayak of Rambha,
Artists are from the different parts of the state,
Splendid is the performance of the lady artist
Who is acting in this drama as grandmother,
The part of the villain is performed by director himself,
Title song is sung by two male artists and one female artist,
Sweetness of this song has brought tear of joy,
A triangular love story has given deep emotion,
This Odia play is not less than
William Shakespeare 's play Othello
William Shakespeare (1601-1604) is popular in the world,
Book is excellent and artists are too excellent,
No one is willing to leave the spot of the Danda Nata
The last scene is now performed,
Artists are greeting people and saying goodbye
Shaking hands artists are going back from the stage,
As the Ramdhun, a devotional song composed by
Vishnu Digambar Paluskar (1872-1931) for Gandhi
And it is popularized by Mahatma Gandhi,
It is now played with great effort,
Sun has traveled little up in sky as it is 8: 05 am
As per Indian time today on 10th April 2019,
Trees have given free oxygen and audience is happy,
After this performance, as the information is given
The Danda Nata party will move towards Hinjilicut.

© Kumarmani Mahakul,10 April 2019. All rights reserved.

Opera In The Danda Nata -Hinjili Sana Party
Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: city,culture,festival,social,sunrise
Cover photo © Kumarmani Mahakul,10 April 2019. All rights reserved.
Dogma Daniman 10 April 2019

We adore your effort and time you give for social welfare by your kind presence and travel to encourage people and artists and yes, you have nicely presented the sequence of the Danda Nata and this poem gives us detail information of this festival.

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Edward Kofi Louis 10 April 2019

Culture and tradition! ! ! Festival. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Valsa George 12 April 2019

This is a wonderful account of a great cultural and community fest! I am sure it gives a great opportunity for a cross section of the community to congregate together and enjoy! The opera being performed by professional artistes it must be having great quality and perfection! One whole night of revelry is enjoyed by the populace including the rich and the poor! Thank you Kumaramani sir for taking your readers to the scene of this cultural bonanza! A sure 10

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Dr Dillip K Swain 12 April 2019

A beautiful poem on Danda Nrutya! My great pleasure reading it time and again! To MyPoemList

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Heather W.B. 13 April 2019

Association of opera in the Danda Nata has brought up a new chapter of evolution. This poem is a brief description about the celebrated and people's perception. Thank you very much for sharing your thought.

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Dylan Chris 23 April 2019

We notice the attentive features of life and social and cultural perceptive from attentive audience. This poem has great power to motivate many and we feel the beauty of inner stability. I love this poem totally. This is definitely excellent.

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Kevin Patrick 19 April 2019

Thank you for sharing this poem, as part as being a great poem it was educational experiance and made me more interested in the festival.10!

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Kevin Patrick 19 April 2019

What a culturally informative piece, I admit to my ignorance that I have never heard of this festival, I'm now curious to research it a little more. The details you provide are illuminating and informative, reading this I found myself becoming familiar with the geography of the environment, every little detail was squeezed into it, making the day captured for all time.

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Pushpendra Patel 14 April 2019

This Danda Nata poem is very special and I love the way you have represented this. Audience is cheerful with huge crowding and we notice this from the image. Thank you very much sir for sharing this lovely gem.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 13 April 2019

A very encompassing and.informative write on the Opera In Danda.Nata. Being at the scene in this grand festival, the great Poet realistically showed to the readers the.highlights.and.the minutest details of the occasion. Wonderfully written.

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Kumarmani Mahakul

Kumarmani Mahakul

Gandam, Dist-Deogarh, Odisha, INDIA
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