Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Love: Needs No Language

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One Beautiful Morning, I saw you standing there
Vivaciously Divine, sparkling eyes, shiny hair...
You looked like an angel, someone sent from above
Didn't know what happened to me, May be a feeling of love....

It was drizzling that day, and you looked in a hurry
I stopped by you to give you a lift, and said No Worry...
You said something to me in a language different to mine
Then sat next to me, and our story started so fine.....

I can see in your lovely eyes, to feel what you say
Never felt our languages can be a barrier in any way....
You speak Spanish, I am so Indian, still we can talk
I know what lies ahead; With you I am ready to walk....

I learnt to say 'Te Quiero' means I really Love you
'Tu Sonrisa es Bonita', your smile so Beautiful and true...
How cute you look when say 'Namastey' to greet me
Our actions speaks for our love, that's how it should be....

Somehow, you always know, what I wanna convey to you
You always make me understand with your love so true...
You smile with my smile, you get to know when I am sad
Makes me feel better, support me when the time is bad....

I can read your lips, feel the words of your heart
Know what you say, that we will never be apart...
Wish to tell you, we will always be together
Our languages may differ, but we are made for each other....

We two in love, so different but yet so similar
Don't understand languages, but feel so familiar....
So surprised I am, how our bonding has come of age.
Our Love is so true and love, like music, needs no language! ! !

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Rohit Sharma
Marina Gasbey 01 August 2010
Wow, that is so romantic how despite different heritages, people can be together. Love is a powerful emotion, which is expressed most through actions. Thanks so much for sharing... Marina Gabey...
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Elena Sandu 29 July 2010
Love needs no need no words to get inlove..can keep it too, few years most..but as more time past we need to talk.. women.. mostly..have a big desire to be forgive me, please, I can a poet say there is no need for words? isn't it painful to write so beautiful and not be read by One you love? Music, is great to listen but to understand the words of songs oh, that is the sweetest cherry on the top(*_*) Lovely poem, thank you for sharing.
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Carla Jean Valerta 23 July 2010
nice, , i like it, , , your good, ,
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Rabia Fazal 22 July 2010
I was really lost in your poem while I was going through it.Your poetic thought is remarkable.You can describe your feelings, complaints, inspirations etc beatifully keep writing
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hi fren, u are a king of poem. what else can i say bot ur poems? it's simply super. so lovely. that makes me realise love really doesn't need a language! keep it up dear.
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Vijay Sai R 18 July 2010
I'm swept away by your romantic breeze!
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Sally Plumb Plumb 18 July 2010
You're very lucky. I can't communicate english to english.
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Angelica Ayman 17 July 2010
W...Wow! ! ! i really like that poem! ! so sensitive! ! ! Thanks 4 sharring voted: 10 plz keep it up! !
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Shasta ! ! ! 17 July 2010
wow really amazing poem it captuerd me and took me to tha scene of tha poem! ! You are a really good poet<33
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Unwritten Soul 17 July 2010
Sorry, i want to comment for second time...i dont know what ingredient u used to make this poem, my friend Rohit, u know what language created by human whereas feeling and love is natural, created by god! and u should know this too that language processed by brain to understand but love translated by heart and then it still exist as a memory in brain! hahaha u agree? Everybody here vote him 10!
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