Outside The Lines Poem by Jim Yerman

Outside The Lines

Rating: 5.0

When I was young…working with crayons…no matter the design…
my teacher was adamant…when it came to coloring…one must stay within the lines.

And I tried to color her way…the way she comprehended…
but I was always fascinated with where the individual colors met…
and in the different ways they blended..

When I tried to capture the colors of the rainbow…I attempted to follow teacher's plan…
but I never could discover where one color ended…and where the next began.

I didn't get a good grade in art back then…our art intentions didn't align…
and my teacher never understood why I liked coloring outside the lines.

If I was teaching art today…to children in grade school…
there would be no restrictions…I wouldn't make up any rules.

I would allow children the creativity to come up with their own designs…
and the freedom for them to choose whether they color inside or outside the lines.

Oh, I'd have pictures with lines if they wanted them…trees and flowers and doves
but I'd also have blank papers and ask them to draw and color things like happiness..and love.

"Draw and color safety…peace…compassion." I'd tell them.
"The lines you draw…the colors you choose are totally up to you."
"You decide what kindness looks like…and the colors for friendship too."

Perhaps they'll learn as I did…perhaps they'll comprehend…
the wonders in the world when they see how the colors blend.

It would be my goal they find the beauty in the different colors they combine…
and they they will always be inspired and unafraid…to color outside the lines.

M. Asim Nehal 23 May 2023

You cannot limit your imagination, nor can you confine yourself to a specific boundaries.

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M. Asim Nehal 23 May 2023

Yeah, I agree with discipline one should get creative freedom to express self, you poem touches that part smartly. Full Stars.

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Bharati Nayak 22 May 2023

Traits like love, kindness or compassion can not be restricted within boundaries.Let them broaden.Such a lovely poem, thanks for sharing.

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Bharati Nayak 22 May 2023

Imbued with love and compassion, you see art in a different perspective.

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Bharati Nayak 22 May 2023

Very inspiring poem.Let me quote -'but I'd also have blank papers and ask them to draw and color things like happiness..and love.'

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