Pieces Of Fragile Lace Poem by Ernestine Northover

Pieces Of Fragile Lace

Rating: 4.9

A spider spins a micro fine thread, her gentle web to weave,
It is with awe, that we behold this art, one can't believe
This work, viewed on a frosty morn, portrays pieces of fragile lace,
How can a tiny creature create these patterns, with silent grace.

She works with great dedication, using skills beyond belief,
Securing her thread to one, and then another sturdy leaf,
Or twig, or gate, or fence, or flower, whatever is to hand,
A magical spun gossamer, her love sealed in every strand.

© Ernestine Northover

David Darbyshire 24 November 2005

Nice poem darling, but why a she? why can we guy spiders not make a nice web to ctach the ladies? have FUN davey Kiss HUG xxx

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John Richter 07 January 2015

I am quickly becoming a fan, Ernestine. Such a lovely little poem - which reminds me a bit of my soul-mate: Emily Dickinson

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Andrew Blakemore 23 May 2009

Yes I find spider's webs fascinating too, spiders are certainly amongst nature's finest engineers. Lovely portrayal Ernestine. Love, Andrew xx

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Duncan Wyllie 09 May 2006

We have conifers next door and in the winter they are covererd by the most amazing patterns of natures fine webs. This is such a great piece of observation, well done Love Duncan

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Emma Johnson 11 April 2006

You must know that you weave and spin beautiful poems too. Love, Susie.

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C.H Grocock 02 January 2006

A wonderful piece Ernestine and what great familularity with both writes, a spiders web a perfect work of art. not many take the time to appreciate the perfection from such a hated creature.Wonderful work here.

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