Shaakiera Schroeder
Johannesburg South Africa

Pieces Of Freedom

Based on my personal perception of Freedom and the significance it holds in my life.

What does 'Freedom' mean to you? Personally I believe its not only enjoying basic human rights but celebrating actual freedom everyday. The downside being that it is an everyday thing for us that we tend to forget the significance of it and reduce it to 'ordinary' when in fact its the most extraordinary, most divine God given sanctified gift we have. Our free will so precious that our Creator Almighty will not sway or manipulate it in any way. Yet mere mortals dictate enslave and brainwash attempting to do what not even God himself can do, ripping from you, your right to speak, to do and most importantly to choose your own path. Stealing your birthright to experience life, love, humanity in the way God a free human being only submissive to Him. There is a reason why we received the 10 commandments 'thou shall not take any gods except One God, thou shall not create images of God, Thou shall not kill or steal or lie, honour thy parents, love thy neighbour, thou shall not covet thy neighbours wife or possessions, thou shall not commit adultery' 10 simple rules to being the best human beings we can be. If only leaders around the world as well as the people could remember this when they are senselessly killing innocents in wars for territory that belongs to neither of them solely fighting as if its their personal property. Invading defenceless countries justifying Declaration of War by spewing lies, inciting fear and hatred.
Ex-terminating people young and old without an ounce of remorse All this bloodshed not for religion or beliefs and definitely not holy as no one is forcing you to renounce your God and faith, no the reason for all this tragedy I'm afraid is for something as trivial as financial gain, like rabid dogs foaming at the mouth to ravish and exhaust the natural resources of the area as quick as possible. Abandoning it as soon as all the resources have been depleted leaving nothing behind. For example Take the Gaza conflict Israel and Palestine at war for hundreds of years fighting for God alone knows what-im certain if you ask them the when and why they would be unable to answer because they simply don't know. They are raised to hate and fight no cause or reason needed. So they kill and worst of all they kill in Gods name. If they really fear God there would be no dictators, no killing no fighting over worldly possessions-they would know not to fight but rather find a solution which will allow everyone to peacefully co-exist. Living side by side on that very same Gaza Strip simply because there is enough space for everybody - instead we see daily how the Palestinians are horrifically oppressed, stripped of all human rights, shoved together in the smallest rural space existing in darkness and deprivation because of the unjustified Border restrictions denying any services and suppliers access, whether its essentials like medicine or food it makes no difference. When a father cannot cross the border to go to work or is unable to feed his family. When he is forced to watch his loved ones die because there is no hospital or medicine available to treat the ill or injured in most cases by bombs and bullets - its a cruel joke when the only functioning hospital is situated across the border in israel. When the permits for a day pass is almost impossible to obtain because the paperwork is ridiculous, having to wait several days for permission when your loved ones condition is critical and perhaps only have a few hours to survive. I will not ask; where is the humanity in all this, I will however ask; where is the logic in this system? . Then again it is unrealistic to expect a person who lacks humanity to be anything but unreasonable and cruelly uncompromising. An insert from my favourite most inspiring book 'I Shall not hate' by Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish explains the atrocious violations best 'Absurdity of a system that does not allow humans to be humans. Palestinians lucky enough can go shopping while working in Israel to return to Gaza the land that's closed where everything is shutdown, shut off or shut out.'
Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish' to live like that and still remain strong in your faith and unfaltering in your convictions shows strength of character and this is the truly phenomenal thing that stems from our gift of free will. Consciously Choosing to overcome our struggles with patience and grace can only be described as Godly. Three of the Doctors young daughters and niece killed intentionally by an army tank who opened fire attacking his home launching missiles demolishing the building while an innocent family lay terrified, cowering for cover as the rubble crumbles and collapses around them. Strangely symbolic of the turmoil the family is experiencing, trance like they watch intently unable to tear their eyes away, the girls fighting to stay alive amidst the chaos and destruction. The very same people who he vowed to heal and care for, sincerely vowing to uphold the hippocratic oath, and practice all its ethical standards. Treating all equal regardless of ones race or religion A palestinian doctor in a israeli hospital blind to what separates us. Neither israeli nor palestinian he sees only human beings. His family ripped from his life so violently -The Doctor didn't retaliate with violence instead he announced to the world 'I shall not hate' obviously in unbearable pain yet he reflects only the true depth of resilience that the Human spirit possesses. With Tears streaming down his face he publicly vows that his daughters deaths will never be in vain. This book is by far the most moving, most inspirational story u will ever read -i recommend everyone make an effort to read it. You will be reminded that the human spirit can overcome anything. The necessary lesson of character, patience, humility and compassion for all is so loud it will not be ignored. The way he reacts and handles all his hardships makes you want to be better even if its just a little bit kinder. The message is simple yet deeply profound. Relevant to every one of us in today's World - no matter how many obstacles you encounter, how many people wrong and hurt u, never allow it to change who u are fundamentally. Don't ever abandon your core values, this will result in the loss of faith leaving only anger bitterness and a vengeful spirit in its wake. Instead let it strengthen your faith automatically you will become stronger mentally and emotionally as well. When you have faith you put your total trust in God knowing that he is sufficient and more than capable to handle anything and everything. Lastly you are able take comfort in knowing you are not alone.
The point is to restore humanity and make the world better we only have to change ourselves. Right now! I challenge you to Consciously make the choice to change your perception, be kinder and slow to react, practice compassion until it becomes second nature to you. The moment your attitude and actions affect even one person positively-pay this challenge forward -this way u making the world just a little better one person at a time.
Thursday, August 10, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: freedom
A deeply personal look at what Freedom means to me and the significance of its place in my mind and my life.

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