Kurt Kacich

Plagues Of Society - Poem by Kurt Kacich

When the sky falls down, the army from hell floods the earth,
When God loses faith in the world, the plague arises first,
A phenomenon similar to the horrors of Armageddon,
A blueprint for the destruction of the cruel land
the form of an Egyptian plague, the war between the vicious and the gracious,
This dream inside the mind, called the depressive state that remains tenacious
The same state that turns blue waters of harmony into a thickening bloody red
Killing any flowers that blossom, reversing beauty of life into dread,
But the ill patients pleaded to society to let them free,
But society refused, and proved it to the world as they let them be,
The second plague was the frogs, that roamed the human mind,
Laying awake in verso mania, the frogs died the following day in due time,
Again the 2% of the society that was untreated and misunderstood asked again,
But yet again, they were ignored, and something unusual aroused then,
The dust in the air turned to lice, and thoughts of suicide turned to spite,
Millions swarmed in destruction of the crueler mankind, wearing the color of night,
Covered bodies of the enemy that were untouchable as they wore the same gloss,
The same gloss of lice that ate the bodies of the cruel when faith was lost,
The plague killed many of these cruel people in the air embossed,
The mentally ill pleaded to be free and escape society’s distortion,
But society still refused the victims turned to suicide and population died in portion,
The portion that died their souls multiplied in numbers and turned the wind to flies,
The flies that harmed only the cruel, only an evil mankind,
Society still decided to persist and practiced murder from behind the lines,
Society fought back and poisoned our people with drugs that destroyed the human mind,
Then came an epizootic that destroyed the livestock worth more than millions in cash,
The sixth plague against the wrong doers where their potential food turned to ash,
More of the kindhearted ignored people died, and their souls fled to the skies,
In the skies they asked the divine for a revenge clause, torture from a high,
A patient with a gift from illuminati threw soot in the air that hovered the estate,
The soot turned to a fine dust that resulted in total chaos with high deadly infection rates,
The cruel hearted were inflicted with shkhin that burned boils through human skin,
Festering boils broke out like an epidemic, but the evil didn’t give in,
Poverty struck kind-hearts and the patients without help continued to suffer,
Again the “weakened” and crippled put their minds together and asked for a buffer,
As they looked skyward they saw a bolt of lightning summit to the ground,
Only in the area of the suffering and ignored shelter laid around,
The seventh plague against the cruel, lighting mixed with fire burned the grounds,
The neighborhoods of the crooked set ablaze and thunder clouded screams and other sounds,
The cruel people burned and retaliated by opening prison cells,
The prison cells opened and murderers killed and child molesters raped the weakened race,
Without further or due the weakened people panicked and bowed their heads down,
Within minutes the weakened people became covered with a halo and looked around,
They were safe as the eighth plague covered the skies above them and the ground,
The eighth plague of locusts that flooded the land followed by horrifying sounds,
The locust killed every piece of nature and left the land deserted all around,
Society decided to fight back and filled out firearm permits and killed for cash,
Killing for cash, with the help of gangs, crooked politicians and an open permit stash,
Direct destruction to the weakened people that almost felt hopeless until they saw a flash,
A flash followed by darkness in the sky that the evil peoples crimes could not compare,
Directed at the gangs, the crooked politicians and the greedy, that left them scared,
Scared for their lives, scared that there were living in a nightmare,
They still held their pride strong with nothing left and still committed crime and cruelity,
Gunshots fired innocent lives and and the kind population slowly decreased,
But with this decrease, came a final solution where the crime reversed would increase,
In the cruel land the last shelters that remained and had a doorpost trickled with blood,
Blood from lambs as a target, when the last plague over the earth floods,
The killing of every first born child, innocent or guilty,
A sinister killing, torturing of the children bloody and filty,
It was then society paid their dues,
it was then that the plan from good to overcome evil pulled through.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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