*** Coming Back To You *** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

*** Coming Back To You ***

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Days fill with pictures
At the edge
of remotely located
heart broken dorm
Man made Chateau of horny pony
Little tales
Chanting your name as I wish
and desire
Akin to mentally
The boy from the village
used to ask
'Where’s the girl? '
Your girl
is no longer your property
Timeless and counting
Miserable leads you
to the grave
Landscape of remedy
Deep buried
Lingers with whispers of
Longing dead
You sat on my laps
Blew your words
To my face
‘I’m your woman’
The boy from the village
Used to say
‘Perfect couple’
I can leave the world,
with you around
to smile
to hug
to cry on
The place
to lean on
Playing my mom
and sister
How cruel
To die young
No children
To watch them growing
Fading away
Similar to Fir’aun
Drowned in the Red Sea
Unable to lay our present
In the Oasis
Where Tamar tree
As we grow…

This is based on a true story and extremely tragic.I've lost the most valuable person in my life.We were 18, first year in College.On a camping trip, she was drowned.At that time, I was almost gone mad and was so close to commit suicide.Her name was Marleena, extremely beautiful and bright girl.
Hi Marleena, I missed you so much baby!

Onesimo Odwa Mabovula 01 August 2008

yeah this is a good one... i hope you will let go of her... better yet that youo have

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Carrie Sprouse 02 August 2008

That poem is very good, i enjoyed reading it

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Geovanni Leaño 03 August 2008

sweet! ~ thanks for sharing! always remember that not all things that has a happy ending starts happily... ;) I wish i could picture the smile on ur friend's face ;) i really adore the poem you know... -GanNi

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Jyoti Saxena 05 August 2008

some people have lily-of-a-day like existence -short but fill others life with joy nd their momory is etched till we ourselves depart one day. keep writing it is the best way to pay homage to your loved one. very touching

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Greenwolfe 1962 05 August 2008

I'm glad you included the explanation at the end. I really wasn't sure I had the right meaning but I did. I really don't like this vertical word structure. It makes reading a real chore. A needless exercise. Your wording was excellant as it always is. GW62

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Carol Rhodes 21 March 2009

Thank you for sharing this truly tragic heart-wrenching event with us. Your beautifully presented array of powerful emotions, your loving memories were, as always, truly alive, real and impacted me deeply. Dear sweet departed young lady, could anyone have remembered you and honored your memory more sincerely than this? An artist at work, Sulaiman, to the max. Thank you, Carol

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Rhiannon Scase 01 January 2009

A fantastic tear jerker, a great deal of passion and love; heart warming. Another impressive write!

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Reshma Ramesh 28 October 2008

beautiful.............and sad

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Dolan Doran 27 October 2008

great. deep, emotional. right on the surface...that's awsome...great job. one of my favorites.

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Cyclopseven R 18 August 2008

This is tragic. It's always an agony to lose someone we love, and can nature's law be thwarted by any of us? A very well laid poem with words flowing in sequence. Be strong buddy. I pray may her soul rest in peace. God Bless.

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