Poem In Praise Of Menstruation Poem by Lucille Clifton

Poem In Praise Of Menstruation

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if there is a river
more beautiful than this
bright as the blood
red edge of the moon if
there is a river
more faithful than this
returning each month
to the same delta if there

is a river
braver than this
coming and coming in a surge
of passion, of pain if there is

a river
more ancient than this
daughter of eve
mother of cain and of abel if there is in

the universe such a river if
there is some where water
more powerful than this wild

pray that it flows also
through animals
beautiful and faithful and ancient
and female and brave

Juan Olivarez 15 January 2011

I love your poetry ms. Clifton, however my wife used to have a problem with fibroids, which made her monthly cycle into a sunami, she might not agree with the premise.

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Colleen Courtney 15 May 2014

Wow. Never thought I could like a poem about menstruation. Instead of viewing as a curse the poet finds the beauty in the knowing that without this monthly tpritual, life as we know it can not exist. Wonderful write!

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Leslie Audes 17 February 2010

Love the lyricism in this poem - it's a great one to recite. Erhard, you don't get it: women are strong because of/ inspite of our bodies. Menstruation doesn't hold anyone back - except a few men with hangups.

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Erhard Hans Josef Lang 05 March 2008

Stark imagery, indeed, in this poem of yours. If not for menstruation, women might well accrue such tremendous powers that could overpower the biggest macho of a male.

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Patricia Grantham 07 November 2014

A very praiseworthy poem in honor of this subject of feminine happenings. Nice and enjoyed.

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Chinedu Dike 02 October 2019

Well expressed thoughts and feelings............................................................................................

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 06 March 2018

Wow, bravo.. thanks for trying this amazing theme. 10+++

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Sally Forth 02 December 2017

Loved this poem so much.

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* Sunprincess * 11 February 2016

...............an astonishing tribute to the monthly cycle ★

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Jasbir Chatterjee 28 October 2015

It's hard to look at menstruation as a happy thing, but your poem does make it sound very lyrical. Thanks for sharing.

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Lucille Clifton

Lucille Clifton

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