Poems Don'T Have To Rhyme Poem by Aisha Sherazi

Poems Don'T Have To Rhyme

Rating: 5.0

Poems do not have to rhyme,
If you don't, it's not a crime.

Thinking of rhymes just takes time,
Like scrubbing dirt and severe grime.

Easier to say that 'I'm,
Done with it, I'm done with rhymes'.

So why do I use it now?
There....I've stopped, I do vow.

Ahh, can't stop this, get me out,
Of this site, I try and shout!

But it's too late the rhyming bug,
Is a truly brutal thug.

It hangs on tight and won't let go,
I just wanted you to know.

Poems to do not have to rhyme,
But when they do they are sublime.

Dedicated to my son who always tells me what rhymes with cat, mat and sat!

Dee Daffodil 05 May 2006

Very cute. You are a poet...sure hope you know it! Hugs, Dee

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Lizzy Tomlinson 05 May 2006

Love your poem Aisha. Rhymes my thing. (10) Lizzy.x

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Michael Shepherd 05 May 2006

Yes, they can be a face-ache sometimes - but when they're appropriate, they stick better than mind-glue! Maybe when the cat first sat on the mat, it made us all into poets! Ask your son what the dogs were doing! 'The dog...'? played leap-frog in the bog? Dangerous! Thanks.

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Sonny Rainshine 05 May 2006

And your rhyme is sublime also. I like both-some rhyming poems, when they're well done, are literally music to the ears. Good job.

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