! ! ! Poets Choice Poem by Bob Blackwell

! ! ! Poets Choice

Rating: 2.9

For some a sad sort of day,
a day to lounge about, no
inducement or motivation,
no reason for stimulation.

It is a quiet greying day,
the sky shows no excitement,
just flattened shades of grey.
Air is warm and full of rain.

All is still, no wind blowing,
no peeping sun is shining,
a half light of quiet gloom,
appears to paint no colour.

At rest with a peace that’s
settled down a few survey
greying summer landscape,
seek out the brighter colours.

They see the trees are emerald
green with yellow blossoms,
flowers have lots of colour,
a bright red bus is passing.

Breathing in the warm moist air,
they survey the patterned clouds,
with their pretty shades of grey,
and proceed to write a poem.


C. P. Sharma 05 March 2010

A great outpouring of the aging heart and going back to Nature. I wish, I could have written that. Regards, CP

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Kesav Easwaran 13 January 2010

A good surveyer of the nature you, poet! Your choice always reflects your good taste and understanding of the life...nice poem...thanks...10

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Fay Slimm 07 January 2010

Applause for presenting the deeper than normal effect the call of natural things have on the poetic mind - - a good tribute Bob - both to the poet and the writer of this 'poet's choce' - - - 10 and greetings from Fay

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