! ! Spirit Of Africa Poem by Bob Blackwell

! ! Spirit Of Africa

Rating: 3.5

visit Africa,
to spend time
to notice
beauty of the land.
To feel its heat,
to drink it’s waters,
to observe, to marvel,
at its creatures,
great and small.

To see the diversity
of its people, in all
their rainbow shades,
to feel their warmth,
their love, their

Means Africa,
has touched your soul,
you have breathed in
a love of Africa, a love
that never ceases,
a love that never
goes away.
you have been
delighted, charmed,
have become
enchanted by
The Spirit of Africa.

For Africa is a
land of spirits,
they occupy dirt,
soil, trees, flowers
fruit, food that feeds;
the mountains, streams,
rivers, seas, oceans,
air, the breath of life, and
all the people of its land.

Africa believes,
that before time,
things began,
there was nothing,
save for a void,
a sphere of spirit
that knew no limit;
it did not have a name.

This one spirit split
broke up, spread,
to change, to
create our world,
and all that’s here.
This one spirit
known to us as love
stays the same, to
invade all it made,
all that visit, especially
those that stay.

Now if you leave,
you’ll always
yearn, you’ll hunger
you’ll always
have that longing
to return.


Shashendra Amalshan 15 July 2009

filled with African Flavor indeed! ! ... Well i vnt been to any where out side of Sri Lanka.. but i always felt African flavor when i watch cricket matches.. hey these days Mike Heysman is in SL....! ! ! lovely poems indeed.. liked it very much// thanks sir10++ with love shan

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Alf Hutchison 15 July 2009

The great magnetism of Africa...It flows in our veins does it not Bob... beautifully penned Regards Alf

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Kerry O'Connor 16 July 2009

Your words are a wonderful testament to this diverse continent of ours.

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Sandra Martyres 16 July 2009

Your poem reflects the true flavour of Africa and your love for the continent...I share your feelings having visited a few places in Africs especially the game reserves...10

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Bob Gibson 16 July 2009

You have found your Eldorado Bob, thank you for taking me there i could feel the heat, the vast plains of the Serengeti, the wild animals roaming freely, a timeless land, as old as time itself.

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Erin mendoza 03 July 2018

What is the measege of the poem

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I loved this, a lot btw 19 March 2018


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Mimi Fakhira 05 August 2009

I have always loved seeing pictures and documentaries about Africa. To me, it is such a magical place. Let us summon the spirits of Africa to help raise our spirits in the fight to make the world a better place.10++++

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M A 04 August 2009

I believe you. It has been immortalized by Out of Africa and Joy Adams.

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Ritty Patnaik 23 July 2009

the spirit of africa, is incomparable! it seems god has blessedafrica, with the verdant greens of nature, a pot pourrie, of colourful culture, and a good share of the animal kingdom! you must love that place bob, which inspires you to write this lovely poem.great write, and as usual enjoyed reading it.

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