! Only Whispers Poem by Bob Blackwell

! Only Whispers

Rating: 3.9

What good has the world done today,
what deeds that make it now a better place?
Very little do I feel?
George on savior’s path to save the world.
Guatanamo voices never heard, so stay!
People trying to make a life, are not allowed to be.
My land, your land, whose land?
Should be our land, your land, for all to share.
Seldom words describe a fair division
of the wares from land on earth.
My God, your God,
live this way, live that way,
not here, not there.
Never our God,
love God,
live here with us.

Together we should strive to have a better life,
for all men,
all creatures great and small.
Please see the beauty,
not the stain upon the land.

Why must we rush about to make a buck,
to drill for oil and gas and such?
Go underground to hunt for gold.
Greed for oil makes big mistake,
its mine not yours to use for fuel!
Remarks so cruel, so wrong,
so tricky this georgey of the mind.

Why can’t we just sit down
and wait to see the beauty of it all.
To sit by sea, watch waves, wash sand upon the shore,
pebbles damp that glint and shine, so quiet in the sand.
No! Underneath is where we want to go,
to dark places, that have no beauty,
no sun for us to see.
No sense, just blackness,
and maybe just a glint of gold.
Sad, it is this mind of ours that tells us not to share.
Wicked too this mind that cannot see, a hungry child,
that cannot help, a troubled land.

We are so small upon the earth,
yet feel we own it all, for us.
Treasury this world of ours of plants and trees,
flowers that bloom, fruit that feeds
and grass so green,
insects small we cannot see,
mountains high and seas so blue.
Who knows,
who does know what this is all about,
Why think to sort it out?

Nature comes naturally,
caring for itself in turn.
Seasons come seasons go,
weather changes all the time.
Hot, then cold, next rain, then drought,
now storm, and then a hurricane.
Everything brown and falls to ground.
Spring returns and paints it green.
So light the green that slowly darkens.
So beautiful to watch things grow.

Whispers come hardly heard,
they follow on with words of love of
peace on Earth.

Who am I to see their worth,
who am I to care for now?

‘Who am I to sit and stare,
at all that’s here and all that’s there?
No they say it must not be,
to stop to stare,
to wonder on, at everything that lives and grows.
To bomb, to kill, to maim, to break,
to smash, it down to dust and bits.
Then with profit seen, build up again,
with what is, so-called democracy!
So let the war begin.’

From afar missiles fired,
high above bombs are dropped,
missiles fall,
and bombs explode.
Down below,
boom boom,
smoke, dust, lights go out,
buildings gone,
streets on fire,
we cannot see,
panic now,
rush here, rush there.
Help must come!
Noise is deafening,
buildings falling,
women screaming,
bombs exploding.
Hundreds dead.
People wounded,
bodies flung, far and wide.
Streets are blocked,
rubble here, rubble everywhere.
People dying, many crying,
and lots of bodies to repair.
Hospitals hit, no medicine, no bandage,
and no support.
All the time the bombs are falling.
What’s the reason for all this?
Victory won!
But how many people have been killed because of this?
Never mind we’ll repair; we’ll make new,
big profits to be found!
What happens now?

Whispers come hardly heard,
they follow on with words of love of
peace on earth.

Who am I to see their worth,
who am I to care for now.

So strap bomb on,
walk slowly to your fate;
a crowded room,
people smile, talk enjoyed,
and children play,
no danger here, no hurt just fun.
Weapon carried, hidden, is not seen,
press it now,
all must die and so must I.
Suicide, fantasize, realise.
Not a pretty sight,
no me, no fun, no smile, no talk, no play, not free,
now recognize,
no reason to be done.
Too late!
No love or peace is found.

Whispers come hardly heard,
they follow on with words of love of
peace on earth.

Who am I to see their worth,
who am I to care for now.

Another time in other places,
on an aeroplane that flies a bomb,
a man looks down upon a town,
a city looking pretty.
Children playing in the street,
sound of laughter, music booms,
sweets are eaten for a treat,
people rushing here and there,
and no trouble in the air.
Bombs are ready for ejection,
mission coming to completion.
Safe up here in the sky,
no danger comes to spoil my try.
Bomb load gone,
hurries down, no stopping,
gravity helps it to the ground.

Bombs explode with fire and noise
and things that hurt fly all around.
Children screaming,
people bleeding,
some are running,
women crying,
many praying,
hundreds dying,
thousands dead!
Music stopped,
laughter gone,
buildings down,
panic reigns,
death has come to town,
city now not sitting pretty!
High above the ground,
man sees how brave he is,
but does not fear the chaos on the ground.
Mission finished;
one day, his God willing,
he will fly home to just another town.
No love, no hate, this soldier in the sky,
he just followed orders to eliminate.

So I think; why does this go on and on?
In this diverse and magic world,
we love to see the contrasts of,
seas, mountains, deserts, fields, and plains.
They transform
and change with the seasons,
as they come and go.
From pole to pole and east to west
the changes that illuminate and feed.
Seeds become trees, so big and tall,
their wood burnt, keeps us warm.
Blossoms change to fruit that feeds.
Grasses green, turn golden brown,
seeds then ground to make our bread.

Of this I’m sure, there must become,
another scene,
a picture or a vision to motivate,
a sense of love,
not hurt,
between the peoples of this earth.
A philosophy that says,
we love our contrasts,
shades, beliefs,
and different colours.
We tolerate and share;
not separate,
to discriminate
against our fellow man.
Then this world becomes our world
for us all to love,
and share.

Whispers came were loudly heard,
of words of love,
of peace,
to all on earth,
only now we see
the beauty of our land.
All free now,
just one God,
you and me,
him and her,
them and us,
all people of this world.

Now I see their worth,
For now I surely care.

Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 19 January 2009

it is a irony...we have to strive to be happy..we have piled up so much of rubbish and we start of with which is older..any thing which would'nt grow need'nt be of any value to us...lovely poem it put me into deep thinking..read my 'wealth' and inheritance

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Malcolm The Last. 09 April 2009

This is a challenge to the politicians of the world. The length of the poem symbolises the long downward spiral of morality and respect for fellow humanity when the politicians selfishly pursue survival and recognition. You would never have put it in a few words.

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Mamta Agarwal 10 April 2009

anger, dismay, helplessness- all expressed with intensity, images come out alive... moral decay, some pray good sense will prevail, and the world will hear the whispers and all shall be well. Thanks Bob, this is an amazing poem, with a perfect ending.10 Mamta

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Kesav Easwaran 23 May 2009

You have a strong revolting heart revolting against anything unjust or bad, Bob...this fact, i have noticed in many of your writes...in this write you simply allow your anger and disappointment to flare ablaze...powerful awareness poem...10

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Shashendra Amalshan 26 May 2009

'So I think; why does this go on and on? In this diverse and magic world, we love to see the contrasts of, seas, mountains, deserts, fields, and plains' that s what we all think sir, for how long this misery gona continue, your poem said it all.., a very strong and powerful poem that can touch the reader's mind thanks 10+++

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 12 August 2009

A powerful write for one and all to sit up and take note....whisper loud and condemn the harm done to our world and it's inhabitants...well written Bob

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Ritty Patnaik 09 August 2009

whispers i heard loud and clear.......this is awesome poem with a lot of feelings and experienceof life.why cant we think that, all religion have one goal, that is to reach godhead.there is such a thin line between need and greed, which we always overlook, causing disharmony and pain for all.wonderful poem, with a message for peace and harmony.

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dr veenaa rai 04 August 2009

the whispers are LOUD and clear for all to hear_ share your love, life, give to humanity, do constructive work...get over jealousy, religion, war...what a lovely msg to read, sir. poetry with a mission 10+++

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Janell Cressman 03 August 2009

This Sir is true poetry! filled with the beauty and pain of the world, this is one of the best poems I have read in awhile, it had true feeling in it and I believe a lot of what is in your heart, but also held great poetic structure, you are a brilliant poet! ! ! ! ! !

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Anjali Sinha 02 August 2009

wowwwwwww a masterpiece here how come I did not see this earlier excellent write sir A++ anjali -10

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