! ! A Slaughter Of The Innocent Poem by Bob Blackwell

! ! A Slaughter Of The Innocent

Rating: 3.5

they came
ten assassins,
by boat
slipped into

tools of slaughter;
grenades, bullets,
automatic weapons,

one by one
by furtive means
they spread
through Mumbai.

Secretly they
gain entry
to places where
foreigners and
other city visitors

A railway station,
a Jewish hostel,
a restaurant,
two five star hotels,
other tourist places.
Book rooms, smuggle
hide their weapons in.

Their purpose is
by evil persons
still unknown.
Their mission
they believe
was preordained
to be a holy war,
its objective to
slaughter lots
and lots
of infidels.

In places of business,
with many people busy
going, waiting, talking,
shopping, selling, laughing,
innocently enjoying life.
Was where they started
where they began their
reign of holy terror.

Bombs are thrown, grenades explode,
bullets sprayed, flying, hitting,
killing, maiming, slaughtering;
indiscriminately they take life as
coldly they execute, murder;
devoid of feeling they fulfil
their preordained and evil plan.

For two days they dodged, hid,
carried on their killing spree.
Mumbai comes to a standstill,
shocked by the inhumanity of
a cause that slaughters all it sees.
Who, why, what for’s are heard.
Accusations fly around.

Assassins know there is no return,
their mission suicidal, but heaven
promised, paradise a better life.
Surely this was a belief, a cause,
a misguided act of faith, a miasma
so they couldn’t see their wickedness!

They cannot feel, they cannot see,
they cannot hear a pity plea.
Programmed to hate, they couldn’t
stop, their slaughter of the innocent.

Lets now have a meeting a gathering
of all people, all faiths, creeds
casts, colours, nations and religions,
to foster love not hurt, give not take,
between all the peoples of this earth.
Let us all promote a belief, a faith
in the humanity and togetherness of us all.

The Slaughter of the Innocent
must stop now, not carry on and on.


Dedicated to all my Indian friends

Shweta Advani 10 May 2009

Thsi is so true...a true soldier only respects his human form...n the mission is humanity..gud write: -) 10++++++++++++++++++++

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rago rago 12 May 2009

time and again.......war and peace always look at each other and see innocent suffer....... you poem depicts the pain, heartbreaking truth........yet the universe go as it is......... a fantastic write........

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Nooruddeen Mm 18 June 2009

Yes Bob You said it. We have to join together with all the casts and creeds, to bring in to an end of terrorism. I can’t see what their aim is. NO religion teach killing.. This is not a holly war or what they say ‘Jihad’. This is the activity of some misguided, unwanted elements who want overthrow the govt. That is all.

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Pandian Angelina 03 July 2009

Hi Bob, I thank Mamtaji for pointing out both you and your poem to me. A wonderful poem descibing the thoughtless carefulness behind each terroristic activity and the need for an united stand. Coming to your message box, with a request too. Angel

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Shashendra Amalshan 26 July 2009

wow! ! ! ! my dear sir.... this is very visual indeed.... well true this carries a great message... and related to a real event...... i felt like reading a crime novel... i mean people have written such stuff, from real life too.. for instance Fredrick Forsyth, wrote 'Day of the Jackal'... about the assassination of president De Gaul... described how the assassin's mind works.... and how he lay out his plan.... I think your poem you said it all too.... I very much enjoyed this piece.... with lots of love shan

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Congratulations! This poem ranks @#66 in the new list of Best Poems of Members

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As Karl Marx said Religion is the opium of man. The unscrupulous people can indoctrinate an innocent person to do anything in the name of religion. I read your poem and I relived the horror. Congratulations

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 06 February 2010

i wonder how i never read this before...i sat thro those 3 daysin front of the tv...it was a gruesome self inflicted torture

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Louie -Love & Peace- Levy 31 October 2009

Excellent Writing Bob! Sadly, there are relatively few humans whom have the spiritual insight and caring of raising human consciousness for Love and Peace. Controversy of flawed religion and inhuman politics provoke mostly all wars. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree, you are quite profound when you express; 'Let us all promote a belief, a faith in the humanity and togetherness of us all.' Amen! Shalom, louie

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Ruth Walters 14 October 2009

You have a gentle heart Bob and wrote this so well. I can see from the other comments how you have touched people with your plea. If only the violence would stop. It seems to me that the perpertrators of these crimes are not religious people but people who just enjoy violence, killing and mayhem and use this religious thing as an excuse. There is no excuse, there never will be. Ruthie

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