! ! A Moment Poem by Bob Blackwell

! ! A Moment

Rating: 3.0

Just a moment.
Yes, a moment in time,
A moment in your day,
A moment in your life.

To act, create
to grieve, to cry
to smile, to laugh.
to love, to hate.

Do not grasp,
do not seize,
do not hold,
do not attach.

Its past, it’s gone
it’s not alive
its dead, it’s done.
So leave it now.

Bob Blackwell
13 February 2007

Mimi Fakhira 13 December 2008

A poem full of life and realisation. It's about just enjoying life with the time we have. Not to grasp, hold or attach but just touch and when the time comes, let the moment fly. A moment in our life. Wow! I love your poem. A hundred marks!

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Mamta Agarwal 08 January 2009

living in the present moment- mindfully and in happiness. lovely. life is made of moments. don't live in the past, who knows about future. now is the moment. Mamta

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 13 January 2009

Learn with the moment gone past to live in the next one. You have conveyed a very philosophical and meaningful thought in such a light way......Well Done Bob.....10/10.

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Michael Gale 18 January 2009

Ah yes! A moment in time... Hard to grasp and hard to hold onto. Great poem! God bless us poets all-MJG.

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Indira Renganathan 22 January 2009

Yes, every second is a passing moment..why to brood then..great10

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Tatyana Gubaydullina 10 April 2010

Great! Just what I think of the life!

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C. P. Sharma 05 March 2010

Sir, it is so sweet, it is so true. A moment is a complete saga of life in itself, enjoy it or kill it. Regards, CP

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Siddharth Singh 24 November 2009

You almost succeeded in catching the moment for a moment. Great piece.

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Sonya Florentino 09 October 2009

i had just read another poem that states that the true present is but a nano-second! ...everything else after that has become the past....

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Excellently expressed my friend.

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