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Qualified Apologies - Poem by gershon hepner


Any qualified apology is no
apology. If it comes with defense,
the moral high ground always turns into the low,
weighed down because you're sitting on a fence.

If being honest is the goal, you must unzip
to what you reckon is the deepest level;
but say tomorrow what you say today; don't flip
or men may rightly think you are a devil.

You must restructure rules to fit your deepest need,
for rules are made in order to be broken.
Any person who to stupid rules pays heed
to reality has hardly woken.

Avocado's like a perfect argument,
providing all a back-up that is great.
Both of them appear to be from heaven sent,
though both when rotten tend to nauseate.

I don't expect all people to appreciate
my work, although I never write a dud.
Some people don't appreciate what's really great,
instead of Pilsner Urquell drinking Bud.

Cal Fussman interviews Mary Louise Parker in Esquire,12/15/10, and tells him, inter al:

'I'm sorry, but...' — no. A qualified apology is not an apology. I can forgive most anything. But I won't forgive anything if it's defended. That's just weakness.
If being honest is the goal, I can unzip to a pretty deep level. But what you get today is not necessarily what you'll get tomorrow.
I like to restructure the rules to make them fit my own needs.
Avocado is the perfect food. It's so substantial. So rich. There's something sensual about an avocado. You peel it and then you have to scoop out the rest and kind of lick it. Avocado makes everything better. A burger. A sandwich. It's support. It just backs everything up.
I don't get tired of hearing that somebody liked my work. I'm not for everyone. If I were a beer, I definitely would not be a Budweiser.

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