Queen Elizabeth 2nd - Eternally Graceful Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

Queen Elizabeth 2nd - Eternally Graceful

Imagine a queen who still enchants millions of people
even after she has deceased and smiles no more;

imagine a queen who still fascinates thousands of mourners even after she has departed and does not reign anymore;

imagine a queen who invigorates her whole nation
to grieve for her when no more she breathes or speaks;

imagine a queen who has made every person
to silently bereave for her even after she is gone
miles away from this world;

imagine a queen who has taken nothing with her as she left
on that eternal journey yet she kept love rolling in
the hearts of her people so vividly;

imagine a queen who is so much loved and missed
that mourners in thousands flock to bid her adieu so fervently;

imagine a queen who has so many people rushing
to bid her farewell when she cannot even open her eyes
or comfort their sorrow;

imagine a queen who is so much revered
that even the young and the old rush like bees
to pay their respect to her when eternity
has already taken her in its arms of peace;

imagine a queen who has written her name
on the hearts and homes of many
that it makes hundreds of people to come and walk
by her coffin with salute and gratitude in their bosoms;

imagine a queen who has showered so much love
on her people that it invokes a continuous sense of bereavement and it makes them rush to see her for one last time
as her last day on this earth is nearing;

imagine a queen who brought tears in the eyes of so many
when her smile would always bring joy in their eyes
but now they keep grieving for their queen
like children searching for their mothers.

imagine a queen who is mourned by her nation
like no other nation has ever mourned for their monarch;

imagine a queen whose majesty even in death steers such unity that all the people come together to show their solidarity
for their queen who was their benefactor;

imagine a queen who in this world is no more
yet from the heavens above the angels keep watching
so many people rushing so anxiously to glance at their queen
before she proceeds on her eternal journey;

imagine a queen who will be forever remembered by her nation as one loving queen who reigned for seven decades
always caring and sharing her compassion
without any limitations with all her people and her community;

imagine a queen who will always be cherished for her gentleness
and while the world will never forget her majestic wonderfulness,
the books of history will go on to tell of her heroic life-story
to future generations for centuries with great honor and pride.

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