Quest Of Truth Poem by Deep Mukherjee

Quest Of Truth

Rating: 4.1

Silence - stretching it's wings
Through the clouds of humanity;
Humanity in the shackles of deceit
Deceit in the name of Love;
Love in the name of God
God worshiped in the name of grace;
Yes; you were my saving grace
A divine intervention!
But you went away from me
Lost forever in the debris of silence
Leaving this wound of silence
A wound time cann't heal;
Immortal supposed to be our love
But everything embraces mortality
Mortal like my futile life
Life starts and ends with a void
Preturbed turbulence in between
Exaltation and Exuberance-
All nothing but a fallacy
Silence - eternal in this endless desert!
Collecting the lost grains of sand!
Like the lost pieces of Jigsaw
Till the Puzzle is solved!
Except the one piece lost forever!
Life - a puzzle unsolved forever! !

Soulful Heart 07 April 2012

Life - a puzzle unsolved forever! ! that sums it up all..................the chain of lines interconnected was good

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Rajendran Muthiah 02 February 2012

Life is a puzzle unresolved yet. Being a philosophical poet, you pose problems of comprehension to mortals like myself. We have to go through all of your poems to have a glimpse of the core of your philosophy. All of your poems are well thought-out and well written ones.

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Wahab Abdul 28 January 2012

Humanity in the shackles of deceit negative view of life? pessimism hovers in the sky! ! ! ok, the title of the poem is super, if the title is followed the poem, then i think, the meaning can be expanded in this way also..god is truth, truth is god, He left you in the lurch and life is a bewilderment puzzle! nice thinking! !

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Dave Walker 26 January 2012

A great poem with a lot of thought. A great write.

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Alicia Meyers 26 January 2012

Very good. :) I like it.

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