A Puzzle Within A Puzzle Poem by Deep Mukherjee

A Puzzle Within A Puzzle

Rating: 4.6

Days diminish in the wrath of night;
A new day is born after night ceases
A puzzle solved within a puzzle
Ripped into broken pieces!

An empty field, stars above
Stars die, blinding skies;
But the spilled silver of moon
Voices buzzed in her spiral eyes!

Pieces put together one by one
The puzzle seems complete to be;
Only to see if my fate is
Playing a puzzle with me!

Sound obscured and senses reversed
The moon shook and curled
Idle mind and severed soul
An empty puzzle in an empty world!

Bridges broke; Rivers burst
New cells grow in place of the old;
A new puzzle ready to be solved
Within a puzzle yet to unfold........


Time like grains of sand
Or heralds of eternity
Webs of deception
A spider trapped in own webs
Puzzle within a puzzle! ! ! ! !

Crisa Earley 31 January 2012

I really enjoyed reading this poem. Its really deep. Its obscure yet clear. Very good!

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Tiffany Cooper 01 February 2012

love the poem it is very good

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Lady Keva 01 February 2012

Sound obscured and senses reversed The moon shook and curled Idle mind and severed soul An empty puzzle in an empty world! My favorite line.... I absoluetly love this poem its soo deep. Well written

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Kaelyn Archer 03 February 2012

Title is too close to Poe's A Dream Within a Dream, stop copy writing.

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Deep Mukherjee 03 February 2012

ma'am i appreciate your comment; but with the little knowledge i can say that while writing this poem; the idea of 'a dream within a dream' never came up to your mind; so you are wrong in this aspect! ! ! it may be true you didn't like the content though! ! i take that as a fault and will try to rectify it! !

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Aung Si 31 October 2012

This is such a great insight into how mindful you are! A smart write and penned mindfully.Well done! ! ! !

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Rainbow Princess 17 July 2012

yeah quiet true but sometime the puzzle are really dificult.i appreciate it.

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Soulful Heart 21 February 2012

a puzzle of life to be solved at every step...........its the way u solve that makes a different person of each...........wonderfully put forth.

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Amy Marie 18 February 2012

Yes, it's true that there are many mysteries, or puzzles, of life to think about :)

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Rachelle Firman 04 February 2012

well life i the great puzzle in life and god is the one with the directions follow him and im pretty sure you'll find the answers to your questions.

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