Quester’s Creed Poem by Steven SRS

Steven SRS

Oakland California

Quester’s Creed

Rating: 5.0

I am a Quester: one who quests. I travel through time and space, by way of senses and imaginings, thoughts and emotions, needing constantly to distinguish between the true and the false.

I am a Quester: my life is my quest. I put everything into my quest, every moment, every thought, every ounce of power, and every resource at my command: required constantly to make the most of every situation.

I am a Quester: I quest towards a goal. Between me and my goal lie many paths, each with its own obstacles to bar my way, even still I will let nothing keep me from my goal, or from questing my quest. I will never yield, nor make any compromise: I will face death before surrender: suffer annihilation before submission, but always I seek to venture the path on which I will encounter the least disturbance.

I am a Quester: the ultimate judge of my quest. I quest only for myself: so that I might find satisfaction, peace, and happiness. I answer to, or change for no other power than myself. As time goes on, I may certainly change my quest, but only so that I may continue to move closer to my own and separate peace.

I am a Quester: I am me: inseparable for all eternity and infinity – time and space. I am bound to my quest forever, it is I, and I am it. As I live, I must quest. Onward I go, closer to my goal, nearer to my peace.

Forever questing as I must quest. I am a Quester.

So Be It


Steven SRS

Oakland California
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