A Person Of Exemplary Caliber Poem by Steven SRS

A Person Of Exemplary Caliber

…carries their own weight, pays their own fare.

…has no price, they can't be bought.

…has infinite compassion, they forgive without hesitation.

…doesn't laugh at the shortcomings of others; epicaricacy or schadenfreude is eschewed.

…finds no comfort in a lie, no matter how comforting it might be.

…wants only what is fairly theirs: greed is a form of theft.

…is a reasonable person, they don't abandon reality for the seductions of fantasy.

…doesn't squander their talents, or ignore their passions.

…won't do to another that which they would not want done to themselves.

…knows that accomplishment and love and happiness and joy are infinitely abundant and rapidly multiplied in the sharing of these supreme aspirations, they never miss a chance to foster any of these along.

…strives for perfection.

Almedia Knight-Oliver 29 January 2010

To make the world a better place in which to live, we need more persons of exemplary caliber. Truthful poems Steven! When you have the time read my only published poem: ' I Shall dote myself'

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Sally Plumb Plumb 05 October 2009

I did'nt understand all your words.. but...I think I got your drift.My vocabulary is limited.

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alice sunderland 16 September 2009

bravo. agree totally with it all. only manage about 50% myself but trying constantly!

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Cheryl Caron 28 August 2009

(((clapping))) exactly!

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 13 August 2009

Seven, I could not have said it better- I enjoyed this poem very, very, very much! Make me believe you are 'A person of Exempllary Caliber' who 'strives for perfection' A 10, I give this poem.My one and only published poems ' I shall dote Myself' shares some similarity to this poem.Thanks for your comments.

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Steven SRS

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