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Mistress Of Time

Rating: 5.0

You are the Mistress of Time.
You can expand short minutes into months,
You can collapse hours into seconds.
You can make tomorrow seem as if it is here now,
You can make yesterday live again in the present.
You are the Mistress of Time.
I give to you my forevers and always
So that you will grant me eternity.

Matt Mooney 16 August 2009

Very thought provoking poem leading one into the subconcious-the whole idea of how our relationship with another can influence our concept of time.Ten to you.

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 13 August 2009

Steven you did it again! This poem is short and sweet, right to the point...words of wisdom.The title grabed me by the seat of my pants and I sat down but-'I give to you my forevers and always so that you will grant me eternity'-I jumped back up and cheered! This is another 10+++

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Vijay Sai R 25 February 2010

Every mistress will fall love in love of yours! nicely penned

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Sonya Florentino 28 August 2009

I've read of Father Time but not of Mistress of Time! .... do read my poem 'A Lesson in Clockwork'

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Connie Marcum Wong 21 August 2009

Excellent writing my friend! Blessings

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Deborah Cromer 18 August 2009

Very nice! Giving credit to a powerful force and then offering more to expand what is to come. DC

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Beauty Philosophy 18 August 2009

A good and wise approach to TIME. If TIME was a LADY, it would be courted by both men and women...

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