I Shall Endure

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I shall endure,
The long cold frozen winters of your absence.
I shall endure,
The long hot burning summers of my passion.
I shall endure,
The long lost foreboding autumns of your good-bye.
These seasons I shall endure,
As I wait for the joyous beauty of the springtime of your return.

Patti Masterman 13 August 2009

Lovely powerful emotions of a single minded purpose. Seasons of the heart. (smile)

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Cheryl Caron 28 August 2009

this is a nice piece....i've always felt that the world comes alive in the spring....

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Julia Pascual 27 August 2009

a nice poem... shows how positive a person is...

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Original Unknown Girl 25 August 2009

I love this, it's passionate but also the fact you lend your emotions to the seasons gives it more pzazz! HG: -) xx

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Deborah Cromer 18 August 2009

This poems speaks of an inner strength we need to survive. Endurance has a key part in life. You write very positive in this piece. Strong will indeed. DC

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 14 August 2009

A fresh perception of a reason; a seasons for all things. a season and purpose of emotions

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