Steven SRS Poems

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Mistress Of Time

You are the Mistress of Time.
You can expand short minutes into months,
You can collapse hours into seconds.
You can make tomorrow seem as if it is here now,

Ode To Jenna

One day a goddess on high,
took the form of a dancing nymph
and came to Earth.
The spirit of joy and fun,

Everyone Is The Same

Everyone is the same;
Everyone is unique.
Hold both these to be true,
Simultaneously mind you,

I Shall Endure

I shall endure,
The long cold frozen winters of your absence.
I shall endure,
The long hot burning summers of my passion.

This I Believe (My 1st Tib Essay)

I believe that ultimately the paradoxes of life make fools of us all. So, if we would be wise, we should study life’s paradoxes and confront our abject foolishness head on.

The Jester Of Joy

I am the Jester of Joy,
A nomad of peace,
From the Land of Not.
Entertainer of souls,


I am an oxymoron
This I am genius enough to know
I am, I do, I know this is true.
I know I am, but what of you

Everyone Has A Different Understanding

Everyone has a different understanding
Of the color red,
Not everyone agrees upon what should be done in bed.
Everyone sees the world with a pair of eyes

A Person Of Exemplary Caliber

…carries their own weight, pays their own fare.

…has no price, they can't be bought.

Be This Known (Not A Poem So Much As A Message)