Questions (Of A Soldier) Poem by Bernard Snyder

Questions (Of A Soldier)

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Was that my last meal I just ate
or does it even matter,
will I awake in the morning
and if so, what about the morning after,
have I seen my family for the last time
I think not, but it's been three years
I have all of these unanswered questions
but I'm not sure anyone's listening' or cares,
I've been fighting in this crazy war for so long
that I forgot my reason why
maybe I'll get my answers when this is over
if I'm lucky and still alive,
and let's say I'm still alive
will I remember or will anyone remember me
or will it just read 'He served his country well'
but now have schizophrenic tendencies.

Weldon Davis 31 December 2015

Well written..I like how as you ask the questions you're inviting the reader into that place where you were..It makes the reader question just what they would do in the circumstances which you faced..Good stuff

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Elena Plotkin 30 August 2013

I got chills reading this. Great write.

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Unwritten Soul 02 November 2011

Noble heart, sometimes wonder thousands of questions...Truly care to see what in their heart, we should appreciate them for saving grace of our countries..say for harmony...There's no meaning really felt except we really in or was in war.. i am not too but yes, i can feel some how they asked themself and what to happen next days...It wonderful writing Bernard, a great tribute for army and anyone who work for others life :) You did it well..for anything do from heart n sincere then dont ask if one day we will remembered or no...because we are behind the history of the past, some hidden but stay strong with our own roles, even it just small as a piece one...Keep nice writing Bernard my friend :) :) _Unwritten Soul

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