Rain Rain Come Again! Poem by Kavya .

Rain Rain Come Again!

Rating: 2.8

Bid adieu to the hot waves
As the cold breeze have set in,
Bringing joy to our minds
As the rains have peeped in.

With the onset of rain
The scorching heat goes down the drain,
The sudden thunder n lightning
Is scary as if Rain God is threatening!

The clouds turn black & the rain drops come in bunch
Making you fully drench,
A soothing odour from the soaked mud,
Makes every flower come out of its bud.

Water water everywhere
The vehicles speed with a flash,
Kids dance in the muddled waters,
They find fun doing a 'splash splash'

The trees sway, the flowers smile,
The nature comes all alive,
The animals run hither tither for shelter,
The humans too run helter skelter!

Once the rain subsides,
Everyone comes out of their hide,
The sight of the rainbow in the clear blue sky
Is worth admiring and lifts our spirits high!

Rain Rain Come Again
Do no go to Spain
Let Little Johnny Play
Some another Day: -)

there was a slight drizzle today morning n the climate turned pleasant which invoked me to write this poem.
Zubiya Surti 29 May 2013

yup rain is setting in.i am waiting for the first rains! ! ! very beautiful! it is like a 'chalchitra' it is a singing picture

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Valerie Dohren 13 June 2013

We get more than our, share of rain here in GB, but it is always refreshing on a hot day. Very descriptive and pleasant poem.

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Kevin Halls 10 June 2013

In England we are obsessed with the weather especially Rain as we get so much of it! Nice poem though Kavya.

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Kanav Justa 01 June 2013

Rain Rain Come Again Do no go to Spain Let Little Johnny Play Some another Day, , , , poor johnny says you are evil, , , hahah

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Yasmin Khan 30 May 2013

Rain is refreshing and life giving for everyone but especially for us living in hot climate it is a blessing. penned well with a verve.

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Lorraine Colon 29 May 2013

Very nice. How important the rain is, and how refreshing it can be. I water the flowers in my garden in the hot afternoon, but they always look much better after a good rainfall. I think because the rain comes directly from heaven. Lovely poem!

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