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Rains over there الامطار هناك

Rating: 4.5

It rains over my beautiful city and Its pretty streets turn into Running rivers pouring their waters In the sea... I know when it rains over there... I used to walk under those rains Without having an umbrella To feel the rains' beauty... I used to get wet under the rains... Rains are falling like a song I am eager to hear it... When it rains over my city, I feel the true Winter and its coolness... The streets are empty and the alleys too... Near the Cornich, Waters drift all that comes in their way... The pretty sea is the real receiver of rains... It's the pretty Winter that reminds me by Al-Mankal where we used to sit together Around it and roast the chestnuts.... We used to have hot beets... The Winter in my city is pretty and wonderful although rains are heavy and it is very cold... Rains wash streets and wash all hearts To clean them from what they have... The are the goodness' rains... __________________________________________

Sunday, November 2, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Soul Watcher 03 November 2014

Nice poem, I enjoyed it alot. It could be better if you try to make it in poetry style. Well done.

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