Ready To Fly Inside Poem by Simon Collins

Ready To Fly Inside

Rating: 4.8

There is nothing left
to ask aloud for
the child has grown
yet still wants more
to fill the void
to run away
when voicely called
or softly prayed

his leaden feet
cut through shame
by blood red rules
slow, yet run again
and fear not flight
so he calls the stars
and moon tonight

for deep inside
it burns a blaze
he calls and cries
for peaceful days
for cocoons to wake
to all that flies
to gather around
then fill the skies
with newborn wings
shadowless now
so the sunbird sings

and so inside
these realms await
his beating wings
of love
to celebrate

Kasia Fedyk 02 July 2012

Beautiful Simon, just beautiful!

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Eric Cockrell 28 June 2012

great rhythm.... the door to freedom as close as the heart!

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Valerie Dohren 28 June 2012

Gorgeous poetry, sublime - love it Simon. Definitely a 10! !

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Karen Sinclair 28 June 2012

Beautiful piece of understanding those enchanted by the idea of escapism.. many moons ago no-one dared dream past their workstation... now thankfully we get that chance are even encouraged to dream but others go that step further..i do so hope i understood this piece right but im now doubting myself...

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