Observing The Loner Poem by Simon Collins

Observing The Loner

Rating: 4.2

He committed the highest sin
unspeakable in its shame
to burn the genetic bridge
releasing maternal pain
he became a psychics friend
his home at the village edge
outcast a ghost alone
indulgence fed his head
no blame no change no alter
acceptance slaps the face
pleasure is disguised
yet love guides his inner space
I watch him slowly standing
straight from weighted years
a man without a mother
silence in the face of fears
a family is like a hat that
sometimes finds a home
but travelers are their own kind
separate they will roam
our mothers they are aloft
worshipped for love bestowed
but save a thought for the loner
his care unjustly sold

Karen Sinclair 30 June 2012

Exceptionally gorgeous, i feel an affinity to this work (never truly felt like that about a write) but this embraces so many personal thoughts and emotions of my families severed painful ties... my stomach hurts after reading this... so to me a resounding success... sometimes the genetic bridge needs a darn good torching for sure, tis better to stand alone in comfort than with a gaggle of trouble...bravo...tyvm karen

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Romeo Della Valle 11 June 2012

The truth vividly expressed in this well crafted and thought provoking write! 10+++Thank you for sharing and keep inspiring the world with your great works! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo-NYC

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Eric Cockrell 15 June 2012

it is often the loner that walks with eternity! very good poem.

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Joseph Anderson 27 June 2012

Well crafted, telling and so true. Ethereally presented. A grand finish. I would point you to my poem He's A Loner'

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Dave Walker 11 June 2012

A great poem, really like it.

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val Rogers 03 September 2015

This poem has all the qualifications of a poem supreme. Thanks for allowing me. To share.

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Bharati Nayak 02 September 2015

Sometimes the principles and values for which one stands for and fights doggedly make him a loner in the crowd without any support from family and friends.It is particularly painful if one does not get love from mother..- - Poet says - -travelers are their own kind separate they will roam- - - - - -hats off to the loner who fights all odds to stand up for his principles., - - - - - - - 10/10

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Bernard Snyder 02 September 2015

outstanding poem! İmpressive indeed. Congrats and deserving of the honor of being chosen.

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Jaishree Nair 02 September 2015

A thread of thought vividly expressed. Thanks

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David Wood 02 September 2015

A well crafted good poem.

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