Remembering What You Gave Me Poem by Simon Collins

Remembering What You Gave Me

Rating: 5.0

A wave explodes upon the craggy shore
defended by bright black rocks
resolute in momentary power
holding fast
this moment of force
the scatter and dissolve of motion
I become the wave
my mind softens in appreciation
bathing in refreshed thought
yet behind and beyond
death is calling
distant gulls shriek in hunger
calling for change
their naked silloettes
know these dark clouds
givers of life
blocking the sun for
underworld demons
to furrow this barren land,
As these clouds pass
I wish for only
memories of your giving
you as the rain
me the broken wave
returning together
as tears
a waiting ocean

Karen Sinclair 20 June 2012

hello.... i found this most interesting... it actually felt like three movements of waves, a crest, the fall then the larger crest...i hope you get what on earth im on about...The threatening gulls i think i understand the symbolism there... and i think the finest visuals are tears and waves combined...tyvm karen

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Captain Cur 24 June 2012

Spectacular poem. I felt the power, loneliness and crashing of the waves againt the disappointing, disappearing shoals our life and loves. Beautiful!

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Heather Wilson 22 June 2012

Love this one, so well written, so clever, thanks,

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Kasia Fedyk 22 June 2012

Simon, how can I not feel this poem so engraved with the most powerful emotions, I see you becoming everything you describe letting go and being complete with it, desires run strong and at these moments creation becomes passion and the Universe. Very Beautiful Simon, you are such a powerful writer. Superb.

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Eric Cockrell 21 June 2012

beautiful... the haunting touch of a love deeply ingrained...

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Valerie Dohren 21 June 2012

Beautiful poem, full of meaning and great imagery.

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