A Pirates Fantasy Poem by Simon Collins

A Pirates Fantasy

Rating: 5.0

Your light safely sweeping
across the ink black sea
attracts like no other
you are the lighthouse
calling me back
again with your song
wanting to know the name
of the Celeste Rose
what may her cargo be
and her captains intentions,
the rock you rest upon
shines in wealth and warning yet
seems unimportant to you
I will sail past and look back
lovingly admiring your light
maybe one day with a refurbished rig
and freshly swabbed decks
on a well running surf
I will raise the flags
in offering
to be your eternal listener
then pirate your rocky island
to gently pillage your love
our treasures then we will share
and together sail to sunsets
still to be

Subodh Pandey 24 June 2012

A lovely and po ignant write .

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Valerie Dohren 21 June 2012

Great poem, particularly like the last three lines, beautiful.

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Heather Wilson 13 June 2012

A beautiful poem in honour of a lighthouse.

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Captain Cur 13 June 2012

Strong yet endearing love poem. Magical and mysterious as that lone lighthouse and lover on the sea.

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Kasia Fedyk 13 June 2012

Simon, I love this poem, it is so touching and deep it takes me away into the unknown, it truly does, Thank you Simon!

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