Remember When Poem by Darwin Henry Beuning

Remember When

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Thinking of All the comforts of today
And the days of my youth
On a Minnesota farm.

Hot summer nights -
No air conditioning,
Just an open window.

No microwave -
Just the tea kettle,
Whistling before the morning light.

No clothes dryer -
Outside the home,
a clothesline.

No internet, no cell phone -
No interstate highways,
Plenty of room to roam.

A family of nine -
Clinging together,
One day at a time.

Remember When
Monday, April 20, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: memories
written 0550am,20 April 2020, fragmented memories.
Kim Barney 21 April 2020

Those were the days, right? Your family of nine and my family of eight! What fond memories!

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Kim, yes, it was great to be part of a complete family group, Mother and Father, seven children, sharing and caring together! !

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Smoky Hoss 03 December 2020

A beautiful poem, and picture. Memories such as these are such a gift. You are now so far from there, and yet, always in the heart, so near.... I love this poem...

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Michael Walker 25 May 2020

A most impressive poem and photo of your family.I like your repetition of 'no', followed by an example of modern technology.'No internet, no cellphone'. Life was much simpler back then.

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Anil Kumar Panda 14 May 2020

Remembering the good old days without mobile, tv, dryer, microwave and many more modern gadgets. But the life was smooth and not complicated as it is now. Nice poem. Enjoyed your style.

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Anil, Thank you for your comments. We ALL miss the days that are no more.

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Kim Barney 10 May 2020

Which one is Kathy? Is she the one next to you?

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Kim, Kathy is in the front row, white blouse carrying the cake pan..

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Kim Barney 05 May 2020

Hey, this is the first time I've seen this since you added the pictures! How do you add more than ONE picture? You look enough like me at that age that we could be brothers!

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Kim, you would have to check with my brother, he adds all the pictures.

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Darwin Henry Beuning

Darwin Henry Beuning

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