Roses For Laura Poem by Lee Degnan

Roses For Laura

Rating: 5.0

Roses for Laura
dressed with baby's breath
I give these to her
after a near brush with death
I'm trembling so
cannot believe my eyes
when I see her glow
after I arrived!
She's lying there
pneumonia stricken and ill
so unlike my lively friend
the image is with me still
I grabbed her hand
and placed a kiss on her forehead
and in barely a whisper
I cried and begged,
'Don't you ever scare
us all like that again,
I was so afraid
I was losing my best friend! '
'Lose me? ? ' she said
and gave me a weak smile
'I'll outlive you
by a great long while! ! '
I cried at that.
I didn't know what to tell her;
because for a while there
she didn't get any better.

And all the 'could be's'
was just so scary to me
I didn't want to think
how my life would be
Tomorrow will come
and I have to pray
that God will give
me back my friend that day

Roses for Laura
and she took them and smiled
They're her favorite
she said after awhile
She's looks perkier now with
Little Adam in her arms
little bluish eyes staring
up at mommy as if charmed
'Today he's fussy'
she said to everyone
and we called him grumpy
old man to poke fun
And I marveled at
how daddy Jim
took his newborn in his arms
and how he talked to him
I took in with extreme
joy of all this
to see them united
finally was total bliss
most of all seeing how
much better she was becoming
now smiling at her family
a promise that good times were coming
But, ah, what a beautiful day
tomorrow will be
knowing she'll be right
there with Jim and me

It was all the 'what if's'
were just so scary to me
I didn't want to think
how our lives would be
Tomorrow will come
and already it's on its way
God, thank you for giving
me back my friend today

Roses for Laura
because I wanted to see her smile.

Leigh Ladd 23 November 2006

All I have to say is thank you for writing this poem. You will never know that you were just not writing it for your friend, but also for others that needed those same roses at one time themselves. Tomorrow (Thanksgiving) is a major day for me to get through and reading your poem is going to make it so much easier. Thank you again! !

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Rae Christensen 23 November 2006

Dear Lee, this time your poem Roses For Laura made me have a teary eyes. What you have written reminding me about my dearest friend...who has already passed away...many years ago...she had the same 'Pneumonia'... Thank you for a wonderful poems which was so heart touched.. All the best, Rae Christensen

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James B. Earley 11 June 2008

Through this poem I've come to know Laura. So Laura, those roses are from me as well! ! !

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Alison Cassidy 25 May 2007

We readers have learned so much about you from your heartfelt words in this sweetly scented poem. Thank you for sharing your roses - the symbol of perfect love. Warmly, Allie xxxx

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Duncan Wyllie 04 December 2006

The hauntingly beautiful 'Roses For Laura' What expression and kindness shown for a friend, so worth reading Lee, Well done, Love duncan X

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Roger Bowman 02 December 2006

Amazing poemo All the best Lee Roger

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Untitiled and unnamed 23 November 2006

Another....second to none poem... 10/10 Lee, this has it all, A story, a message, personnel experience (I think) A very good write, Again…. Lee.

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