Prayer Warriors-The True Heart Of Poem by Lee Degnan

Prayer Warriors-The True Heart Of

Rating: 4.6

Seek within Poemhunters, and you shall find,
Faith and love so strong, and one of a kind
hearts so true are they in their cause
and have given their 'enemy' much to pause
They are Prayer Warriors, so mighty and true
Kristin Davis, this circle starts with you!

None better is there to lead such a crusade
than Doc Wilde, foundation of values now laid
Catlin Crawford, upon reading his poem, was moved so
The two breathed life into us Warriors, and so it goes
Now united as Family, and going strong
As of this writing, we're 124 Warriors long!

Much of what Warriors do is misconstrued
about who they are and what it is they feud,
why, just ask Lee Stedman, ask him 'what gives? '
Every Warrior has a story, and he'll tell you his...
You will also learn of his beautiful and kind heart,
his words of encouragement, he's got philanthropy down to an art!

But there is no way that I can stop there...
Too many other Warriors have touched my heart too with their care,
So thank you Anna Russell, Uriah Lee Hamilton, and FJR Jr....
your love for others is what will secure Prayer Warriors future!
More names I would like to mention and cannot forget-
are Duncan Wyllie, Patricia Gayle, Mary Nagy and Charles Audette!

There is only a small portion of the Prayer Warriors listed here...
If you're part of this Family, trust that I hold you in my heart too so dear
It's only one lone view... but there must've been something within you too
that ranked you as a Warrior, so you're included in this big 'Thank You! ! '
You've undoubtedly shown true heart, valor, and love for another
Therefore, and in no doubt, touched another Warrior sister or brother

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword
How true that is with the Prayer Warrior's written word!
Slained is despair, with Warrior prose written with such flair,
Their outlook in life contagious... they're humble, yet they 'air'- DEBONAIR!
Come and see for yourself, and maybe become a part
of a Family, in Kristin's honor, of poetry... from the truly good at heart.

Keith Wells 19 November 2006

I like your style of writing. You have a new fan to your work. I think it is great that you were able to put in to words how the other helped in your journey. Keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next one.

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Meggie Gultiano 14 October 2007

count me in..Meggie Gultiano

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Roger Bowman 02 December 2006

Very cool write signorita Lee... All the best Roger

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Chuck Audette 26 November 2006

A terrific tribute! And it even has a pun (debonair) or two. Thanks for the smile! -chuck

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Geoff Warden 25 November 2006

Lee what a wonderful write.......and to see you have joined in welcome

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Kristin Davis 21 November 2006

I can't express my feelings enough... these blessings called 'poems' filling the pages of PH, written by the merciful hands of my ALMIGHTY family 'Prayer Warriors' and my heart beats faster, my blood pumps harder and faster, and my eyes pour with such happiness. Because of you (PRAYER WARRIORS) I am honestly spreading HIS glory! And what a story it is! You're absolutely correct Lee darlin', every one of the 124 and even those who have yet to come forth, Prayer Warriors all have a purpose and a special pull in this! Imagine how useful even the toughest tripple braided rope would be if it didn't have each strand latched onto the other to complete the rope and maintain it's strength! .... Without each and every one pulling together, reaching out for one another, and leaning on the hope of another prayer warrior to help pull us all through for a glorious journey there wouldn't be a soul to spread His glory! I love you all so much and I can't quit crying... and I can't even explain as to why I am... just know that I love you all! You did an awesome job and I know you will simply say that you just typed the keys... but Lee you're an awesome brother, friend and last but definitely NOT least, Prayer Warrior! Love~N~Honor, Kristin!

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