Angel On A Swing... Poem by Lee Degnan

Angel On A Swing...

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I can remember
not too long ago
we sat together holding hands
and I wished you wouldn't let go
Just one of many visits
that we would have together
I banked that many more
were to come... the more, the better
I still can't come to grips
that this is just not meant to be
Why the good Lord would take
you, and your spirit, away from me
I took for granted
that life would just go on
Now I know that
we were all just terribly, terribly wrong

I have a picture of you
and you're on a swing
You are smiling to yourself
and happy with everything
I keep this picture close
imagining that's you now
Up there in heaven doing
what all beautiful angels are allowed
I imagine you up there,
just as always, goofing around
Lighting up the heavens with your
presence, and love abounds
I'm sure the good Lord keeps you close
never knowing what mischief you'll get into
Or maybe it's because He knows
just how good it feels to be near you

No matter which it is
this I know much
How I miss you everyday
knowing I'll never again feel your touch
There are no more phone calls
just to see how you're doing
Only one-sided conversations
and the questions just keep accruing
You were the first person
to see me into this world
You were what I wanted to be
ever since I was a little girl
I guess the Lord saw that
your job here was done
and your job to spead His
good word elsewhere has now begun

I miss you Mommy
wherever you may be...
Thank you for all you've done
and always being there for me.

Dedicated to my hero,
my confidant, my heart,
my mother,

Teresita L. Stanishia
December 7,1943
April 5,2007

They say a bell chimes
when an angel gets her wings
That's what happened on April 5th
when they gave it to the Angel on the swing

Patricia Gale 16 April 2007

This is a beautiful tribute to your mom. I had to choke back a tear from the deep love and emotions.

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Untitiled and unnamed 18 April 2007

Wow... the last paragraph really did it for me, a truly heart gripping write my sorry for your loss.

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Not a member No 4 08 December 2007

The sweetest and sincerest words of love .. and a truly moving tribute to your much missed very special mum... from what has to be a very fine human being indeed to have felt this way, and to have written these words... which sketch such enduring images so simply and effectively...lovely... jim xxx

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David Harris 01 October 2007

Lee this poem brought tears to my eyes. It is so heartfelt and so filled with love. Wonderfully written. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Duncan Wyllie 01 September 2007

I cannot compare to this, nor would I take anything away from it, so all I can do is contemplate it's passion and admire your strength of words and strength of the heart Love duncan x

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Blue angel Florida 18 August 2007

Beautiful, I had to stop reading so I wouldn't cry...Thanks for sharing...LOVE to the MOTHER figure :)

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Ana Monnar 31 July 2007

Oh my God, my eyes are all watery. What a beautiful tribute to your beloved mother. I am very sorry for your loss, but you lost an Angel on Earth and earned one in Heaven.

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