Rules (Children) Poem by Cj Heck

Cj Heck

Cj Heck

Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida

Rules (Children)

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Parents sure have lots of rules,
things to do and not do.
I’ll be glad when I get big
and growing up is gone through.

I won’t need a dentist
or a barber for my hair,
and I’ll go buy a chocolate cake
that I won’t have to share.

Maybe, I’ll stay up all night,
eat junk and watch TV.
If I want, I’ll sleep all day.
No more rules for me!

“How will you get up for work?
You might get fired”, Mom said.
“You won’t make any money
by sleeping late in bed.”

Why would I need money?
Who needs money anyway?
Rules are bad. When I grow up
I’ll do fun things all day.

How would you pay your rent?
How will you buy a car?
How would you buy your big-boy clothes?
(you’ll be bigger than you are) .

You’ll have to buy the food you eat.
You’ll have to have a phone.
How will you pay the heating bill?
‘Cause surely you’ll buy a home.

I hadn’t thought of all of that.
I can’t do that stuff.
It doesn’t sound like fun at all
and I don’t know enough.

Mom said as I get bigger,
the rules get bigger, too,
but when we start at my age,
growing up is fun to do.

She said people grow like houses,
step by step and brick by brick.
That’s the way we all grow up
and having rules is part of it.

Majed Hamdan 04 September 2018

i remembered when i was a little kid i always hated rules ]]]]]].

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Joseph Daly 14 November 2005

CJ This is a great insight into innocence verus reality. Whatever way you have been brought up you always think it is going to be better. You always live for the moment and so you never think that you might change. Children don't like change so, I guess that is why they refuse to consider it. Love Denis Joe

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Cj Heck

Cj Heck

Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida
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