Scared Of Death To Death Poem by Hezekiah Tiamiyu

Scared Of Death To Death

Rating: 4.8

When we sleep at night,
And put the alarm to eight,
Not assured if we
The next morning will see.
They say that is faith,
Yet still I'm afraid.
Afraid that while I sleep,
Many will be lift,
And I'lld still be dreaming
I'm in heaven, singing.

The cry of the good mother afar
And a sister who just lost a younger!
He was just nine,
Left without a sign,
He was the best in school
Also never missed sunday school.
...Like a flash, he died!
The world cried!
Just for the month,
And everyone back to their gold cloth.

Yesterday, that beautiful lady
And her neighbour's new baby
Left us in the world.
They gave no goodbyes, no word.
...Fear grips me,
I just could leave,
As my pen puts a dot,
My soul could drop!
Ah! I wouldn't be prepared,
No goodbyes! Oh I'm scared!

David Wood 30 April 2013

A good write. Death is part of life and like taxes is always with us. Do not fear death but enjoy your life.

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Valsa George 22 April 2013

A great write Toheeb! Without even the time for goodbyes, many around us leave the world. Death is a perpetual reality and we believe that there is a heaven awaiting us! Still, as human beings, we are afraid of the final good bye! A beautifully rhyming poem! !

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Hazel Durham 21 April 2013

Beautifully expressed of your fears of death, writing about all our fears of the unknown that is the final departure! Great write!

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Hezekiah Tiamiyu

Hezekiah Tiamiyu

Lagos state, Nigeria
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