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I was all alone..
Walking down the streets,
Enshrouded with the veil of solitude
And searching to find my soul.

My wishes had started fluttering its wings
My hands were up towards the discoloured grey skies,
One by one I tried to hold my dreams,
But all in vain with sweet nothings.

I came to a standstill
And gazed all around.
Sitting down below the shimmering lights
I stared at the lonely streets.

And the rains came thus,
Taking me to the enlightened world.
Breaking the strong dark door
And gifting me with a vision clear.

I jumped with joy and found myself again,
The skies just turned colourful and gay,
My soul was not lost and made me feel
The colours of rainbow surrounding me..

My bruises were healed..
Passionate thoughts began to ignite
My forgotten and now found self,
Thereby plunged into the ocean of love.
And there I was, swimming in the lights,
Drenched with happiness..

I was not alone..
My soul was hugging me,
And the rays of hope thus shone..
My life had just begun!

Copyright © 2012 Indranil Bhaduri

Liliana ~el 10 September 2013

Oh, life. Dear dear life :)

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Anthony Foster 13 September 2012

Very good as deep as the ocean and thoughtful and happy it does all it is supposed to do which is communicate.

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Avik Datta Gupta 08 August 2012

Great attempt...quite a optimistic poem..rain being the catalyst...great

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Bob Brown 03 August 2012

A way shown for embracing positive thoughts, we hug our soul when everything is dark and search for enlightenment. Thank you for penning it so beautifully.

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Neela Nath Das 01 August 2012

This sudden feeling awakens a new door.Yes, soul is with you, no question of despondency.Loved this job!

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