Seasonal Skies Of Wonder Poem by Harley White

Seasonal Skies Of Wonder

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Skies of wondrous starry nights
all aglow with shining lights,
we look up to you with awe
thus to inspiration draw…

Fortunate we earthlings are
on a planet not bizarre,
close enough but not too far
from our solar system's star

beaming its apricity,
swirled in synchronicity
to nocturnal shimmerings
lit by lunar glimmerings

as the moon reveals her face
gazing down at us from space…
(Though we know how shine those rays
still her luminescent ways

stir our fancies, as in dreams…)
Poets with their reams of themes—
tragic, magic, comical,
even astronomical—

marvel as stargazers do
with celestial aperçu
at galactic scenes on high
querying ‘where, when, and why? '…

This our orbit round the sun
of twelve months again has run
out of time in earthly flight,
and a new one looms in sight.

Looking back, I've seen some dreams
lose their way, or so it seems.
There's been gladness, sadness, fear.
Now we face a coming year…

Skies of wondrous starry nights
all aglow with shining lights,
may we keep your stellar view
in our ken, beyond the blue,

with musings, self-reflective,
lest humans lose perspective!

Seasonal Skies Of Wonder
Friday, December 30, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: earth,greetings,holidays,moon,new year,poetic expression,seasons,skies,stars,sun
About this image ~ Hubble views a population of infant stars in the Milky Way satellite galaxy, the Small Magellanic Cloud. Nestled among other starburst regions within the small galaxy, this nebula, NGC 346, contains more than 2,500 infant stars.

Season's Greetings in the Small Magellanic Cloud

Image credit: NASA, ESA, and A. Nota (STScI)
Mihaela Pirjol 04 January 2017

The first, and the best poem! Let 2017 commence! Happy New Year!

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Harley White 04 January 2017

Your comment is most appreciated! Here's wishing us all the best possible New Year!

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Bill Cantrell 30 December 2016

I believe you are a poet from a different planet...I like the intellect you place so skillfully, if you my poem a comets tail, thanks for posting!

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Harley White 31 December 2016

Perhaps it takes one to know one... Thank you for your encouraging words! I enjoyed your thought-provoking Comet's Tale as well. I'm greatly pleased that you are exploring my poems. Thank you!

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