Seasons Of Change Poem by Patricia Grantham

Seasons Of Change

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Trees begin to bare their limbs as their many leaves are shed
Chameleons changes color from the tail to the top of their head
Animals go into hibernation before the first cold winter blast
So it is with our lives we must never try to live in the past

The sun begins to casts its shadows heralding the close of day
A flock of birds flies south creating great shapes along the way
Squirrels scurrying and searching about gathering and storing nuts
If it wasn't for the seasons of change we would all be stuck in ruts

The wind may blow in any direction north, south, east or west
When the storms of life has passed all have withstood its test
Everything must change when it's time to step out their range
Sow and reap, build up, tear down, this is our season of change

Copyright 2013

Colleen Courtney 18 June 2014

Really like this poem on change. Wonderful imagery created.

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* Sunprincess * 19 June 2014

.....truly enjoyed this beautiful write....I always look forward to a new season.....and loved reading this seasonal poem....adding to my favourites...

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Amitava Sur 19 June 2014

Loved the way you wrote about the changes in nature and with time and your advice to change ourselves along with the change of time

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Adeline Foster 19 June 2014

Very well said. Liked the use of the word 'ruts'. Read mine - Leave Leaves - Adeline

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Savita Tyagi 02 August 2014

Such a wonderful poem. Enjoyed it very much. We have to keep reminding ourselves not to expect status quo and keep moving with changing times. Thank you for sharing such a lovely and inspiring poem.

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C. P. Sharma 02 August 2014

I really enjoyed your poem. Everything in Nature changes but why doesn't man? Change man change.

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Valerie Dohren 18 July 2014

Very good Patricia - a time for every purpose under Heaven. So very true, and how boring life would be without the changing seasons. A lovely read.

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Valsa George 20 June 2014

With the change of seasons, we also have to change.... Each stage of life expects us to bring about certain changes. In adulthood, we cannot behave like a baby...... Trying to live in the present is the secret of success in life! Incorporating lessons from Nature, you have presented a beautiful message in a beautiful poem!

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 19 June 2014

we must never try to live in the past Change and make most out of life. Beautiful message delivered in a well crafted poem. Thank you.

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Patricia Grantham

Patricia Grantham

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