Senses Poem by Sathya Narayana


Rating: 4.9

Closed eyes too can see
Visuals on heart-easel
Tight lips too can speak
In eloquence expressive silence
Deaf ears too can hear
Thundering miseries all around

Searching senses work
even when locked
Hungry are they; for truth
Eager are they; to revolt
Sans smut and rust
They know their worth

(This poem is about oppression. Oppressors think they are perpetrating their evils without anyone's knowledge. But there are searching senses around, that are sans smut & rust, which are live to their surroundings even when shut and ready to revolt)

Subham Dutta 12 October 2008

Dear Sathya Narayana, Good job

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Richa Dhodi 12 October 2008

Nice work done here sir. thanks for sharing.

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Kevin Wells 12 October 2008

A powerful, clever and well-observed piece. Good write!

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Dr. Ram Sharma 13 October 2008

a wellcrafted poem. all the best 10

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Ozzy Govea 13 October 2008

WOW. I really liked the way you wrote this poem, it speaks for itself. Great job!

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 25 November 2008

nothing can stop the truth from being seen, felt and heard. whatever, whoever, whenever can't block the victory of love and life. great piece!

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Deepti Agarwal 07 November 2008

darkness brought well in this work.... liked the way u presented it..

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Ivor Hogg 25 October 2008

We are blind because we choose to be and deaf because we will not hear and so we suffer constantly .Because of omnipresent fear we will be called upon to do whatever needs to be done. I would much rather it were you i do not want to be the one The chosen one to lead the way though I wll gladly follow you But more than that I dare not say because I am a coward too

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Layla Joseph 20 October 2008

i love this its beautiful yet dark 10

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Mamta Agarwal 19 October 2008

we see with our inner eye, in fact, the oppressed can be very eloquenti n their silence. but why do we feel so helpless. we have no real leaders or herioes to fight tyranny. Collins has made a good observation about the double meaning in your composition. deeply insightful.10+

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Sathya Narayana

Sathya Narayana

Nellore, Andhra Pradesh
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