Let Us Forget Poem by Sathya Narayana

Let Us Forget

Rating: 4.8

He lost his parents
In communal riots
But he forgot it!

Acquired was his fertile tract
For a paltry amount
But he forgot it

He has to fast many a night
Unable to meet rising costs
But he forgot it

Shattered were hold-fasts
Of many a proletariat
But they all forgot

Nothing to surprise at all
It is easy in this democratic State
To keep people in a hypnotic state

Today they each got
A hundred rupee note
And a couple of
Arrack packets
Tomorrow is an auspicious date
They are going to cast
Their precious votes


You said the truth! ! Good poem. Good thinking. Write more and more.

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Albert Wong 01 September 2008

I love it, you have told the truth, a lot of terms which I need to learn. Good write, I wish you write more......Good job well done!

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Wanelisa Albert 02 September 2008

forgiveness is the first step to healing.... yes, one day i too will forget and Africa will forget

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Kholekile Monakali 02 September 2008

in order to forget you need to accept first, that is what people should learn because you cannot change the past, it is history now however you can lean from your past.......nice work

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Aijaz Asif 13 September 2008

no matter how hard one will try it's imposible to forget what was done in the past, like a picture it stays on the screen of your eyes forever...and yes like ' Sir Kholekile ' said you can learn from the past.....great work

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Sochukwu Ivye 02 October 2017

Your penchant for loading poetry with meaning and tropes is manifest here. More grace, Sir.

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John Weber 28 October 2008

This is a wonderfully executed political piece, man! The repetition of the forgotten elements of repression, the willingness of the beaten to adore the one dishing out the abuse worked well. Like a battered wife, excuses and denials abound because the mind is forced to splinter the truth in order to survive. To finish with the irony of voting was a nice touch, as if two handpicked elite candidates are going to make a difference! The illusion of democracy is often enough to make the flag-wavers froth at the mouth with patriotic fervor. I enjoyed this a great deal!

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Reshma Ramesh 10 October 2008

well done..............

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Ivor Hogg 06 October 2008

corruption begets more corruption which we tend to forget for some paltry benefit we can see an touch. PRomises are poor currency

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Anjali Sinha 06 October 2008

thats the price for democracy regards anjali

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Sathya Narayana

Sathya Narayana

Nellore, Andhra Pradesh
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