Die Another Death Poem by Sathya Narayana

Die Another Death

Rating: 4.7

Do you feel the sweltering heat?
Emanating from my slow burning heart!
Do you hear that dernier cri?
Made by my moribund mind!
Yeah! You do! You feel them!

But I know why from my nigh
You slyly rear away in fear with a sigh

That your titillating fragrance can
Infuse new bounce and breathe in me
That one dropp of tear from your eyes
Can become my rejuvenating nectar!
That your spraying radiance for sure
Can rekindle the vital flame in me! !
You take a stance sans this kindness
Towards a man with dying senses! ! !

You renounced my covetous embrace
Punishing yourself with forced penance
And left me with total nothingness
For reasons so clearly ambiguous
And prefer to carry with you with vengeance
Your unsmiling stone heart in silence
And leave this corpse to its nemesis
To die another death in despondence


Paolo Giuseppe Mazzarello 26 September 2008

An interior wound expressed in more modern way, however the inspiration is deeply and naturally religious, a serious composition.

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Rakhi Jayashankar 27 September 2008

good work really rejuvenating

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Seema Chowdhury 27 September 2008

very nice. and touchy poem. excellent selection of words. i loved it.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 27 September 2008

A wishful thinking 'to have a second death'.........is like the first death was a fake death! ! ! ! ! A wise writes Sathya!

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good use of vocab but my poems are alittle simpler than that

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Jessica Harrington 10 November 2008

You were right, I did like this poem, it's very imaginative. I like thus poem alot.... i just need a lot more time to read your other ones

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Raj Nandy 28 October 2008

The impact of the title is arresting, - like a James Bond movie! I loved your last para very much.A philosophical interpretation could be that this perishable body must die several times before our polluted soul is able to attain that ideal perfection of Plato's 'Good' & thereby transcend this wordly bondage. -Raj Nandy

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Nia Riz 26 October 2008

i liked this poem....so i wrote a poem with the same heading+

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Ivor Hogg 06 October 2008

To love and be not loved in return is a fate worse than death it seems and yet you survive. Broken hearts can be mended so easily by a more kindly lady

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Linda Ori 05 October 2008

OUCH! This one hurts. I've walked in your shoes a few times myself, and it's a painful journey. Naked emotions here, really hit close for anyone who's ever been abandoned by love. Well done! Linda :)

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Sathya Narayana

Sathya Narayana

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