She Must've Lied: She'd Been Dead Poem by Paula Glynn

She Must've Lied: She'd Been Dead

Best friends forever
Or at least starting at age seventeen
Two vivacious young women
Going through the ups and downs of youth
A deep and forbidden secret held by one
But the other one not knowing until too late

Best friends forever
Throughout turbulent twenties
Two fairly youthful and attractive women
Going through the ups and downs of life
A soul deep connection
Always helping each other out of troubles

Best friends forever
Throughout settling thirties
Middle age not ceasing beckoning
Children on the horizon
Boyfriend, fiancee: now husband
Two mature women still connected

Best friends no longer:
At least not in the alive world
No more age groups beckoning
The best friend ending her life
But a deep connection still holds
With a telephone call one night:

How she tried to commit suicide
But was faithfully saved by God
The best friend glad her friend alive
But next day states differently
The best friend sadly deceased
Before the strange phonecall

She must've lied, they said
Her best friend had been dead
But now with no more fear or dread
But a deep connection binds them
The best friend knowing it a message
From beyond to say a loving goodbye.


Emotive expression. Good poem.5*

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Anil Kumar Panda 26 January 2023

Such a heart touching poem. Beautifully rhymed and with a nice flow. Loved reading it.Thanks for sharing.

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Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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